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  1. 41 minutes ago, TownesMR said:

    This might be a stupid question but are spirits sold in plastic anywhere in the UK? I've only seen glass, so I'm expecting to have to pour into a plastic bottle, but if there's a way to buy them in plastic to begin with I will do that.

    Morrisons. All plastic screwtop bottles. I've got a few.





  2. 8 hours ago, Earth_pig said:

    Yes I think so to after checking the website.


    8 hours ago, Earth_pig said:

    Yes I think so to after checking the website.

    Officially listed simply as free service - no fare. Nothing's checked either way so you'll be fine.

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  3. Since repeal of the FTPA it's apparently solely down to the PM to request dissolution of Parliament and a new election from HMQ. 

    Maybe not likely but not impossible. 

    Bozza  could call an election in the knowledge that if he wins he'll be in a far stronger position and if he loses then he's lost nothing. 

  4. 3 hours ago, charlierc said:

    Setting aside the slight surprise that this week has been termed a success, I would be very surprised if a government whose poll performance has been dreadful all year would go along with this. Especially if they lost both by-elections coming up this week.

    Got to factor in the reasoning that if they have a shit time in the by elections, and Bozza thinks he's stuffed anyway and under inescapable threat from his own backbenchers and other factors such as enquiries, he might just call one to spite his own party as a last parting shot. Remember, he only cares about himself. What I don't know is whether Johnson has sole unilateral authority as PM to call a GE or whether it's a cabinet decision. Cabinet might be more wary but a Johnson facing defeat is far more unpredictable.

  5. 7 minutes ago, serendipitous said:

    It would seem there were Project Servator exercises in 2019 as well and I didn't notice any major difference.


    I tend to find the policing at Glasto is as decent as it can be. I think the fact that they put together all this without the usual "drugs are illegal here too" shite that most festivals policing teams spout is still a good sign.

    Around 70% of a Servator op is covert anyway, so not noticing a difference means they've done their job as it should be. The overt indicators are simply a trigger for other aspects. Very effective tool.......without triggering the pearl clutchers this gives some indication. Readily available document so no compromise of OM.



  6. 16 minutes ago, efcfanwirral said:

    With potentially delayed trains I hope they're still running the castle cary shuttle buses from 6am like it says on the site, or at least tell us they aren't beforehand. We're staying there to get in early. 

    CC Shuttle running 0600-2315 from Wednesday 22nd utilising 35 buses,according to my notes . From 0700 on Thursday 23rd utilising 31 buses.

  7. Travelling down Monday 20th from Northumberland/Newcastle.

    Plenty of room in car so if anyone stuck gimme a shout along A1/M1/M18/M42 etc. 

    However not going into festival until early am on 21st but could drop someone off in North/central Somerset on the 20th if it's any help. 

  8. Still trying to recover from Bearded Theory and found that these two tracks released last week by Lord Huron suit me very well at the moment.....unreleased bonus tracks from their last album. Interesting story behind the two versions.....

    and Sarah Dugas alternate vocal:


  9. 6 minutes ago, Rufus Gwertigan said:

    Just keep out. It will all blow over. It always does it happens every few years just like with any family

    I just googled 'dysfunctional family' and this came up. Seems to be pretty accurate:

    What are 3 characteristics of a dysfunctional family system?

    Power struggles, excessive criticism, conditional love, substance misuse, and excessive expectations are common characteristics of dysfunctional families. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, Ozanne said:

    Where in the Glasto forum is that?

    My news is that I have tested positive for COVID after all this time. Must’ve picked it up at The Great Escape festival I was at last weekend. 

    Absolute mayhem. I have no idea what is happening but it's an almighty meltdown on all sides.

  11. 1 minute ago, Rufus Gwertigan said:

    Wish I had your balls mate. I was asked to go on an aid run as I have military skills but no passport or a driving license didn't help. I have had friends asking me to go over as a medic what I did in the army but I am a fat c**t I'm poor health and would just be a liability.



    Nothing really overly brave like that - unarmed OSCE monitoring mission facilitation in between the two sides and very risk aware and averse- now all pulled out and looking unlikely to return. Just bemoaning the loss of the massive wedge they paid......

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  12. 1 hour ago, steviewevie said:

    anyone still here?

    I've been working away again, very near a conflict zone, and flew back in this morning so just catching up with my upcoming festival news and stumbled into what appears to be a binfire on the main Glasto forum. No idea what is going on but not much 'spirit of Glastonbury' going down there.....All looks very petty and unimportant drama compared to the suffering in evidence where I've just returned from.

    Unusually, in comparison this thread seems restrained and relatively civil, with few ad hominem attacks compared to over there. (Well, looks like the odd one or two still just slagging off individuals here but that's not new). 

  13. 12 minutes ago, Nobody Interesting said:

    Stick your CVP on Twickets - it will be snapped up in minutes.

    This map is from 2019 - little will be different. All is 10 mins walk from car park and apart from near the Teapot place it is all not too wild.



    11 minutes ago, Flaminglippy said:

    Family camping is on the website as 'family and quiet camping'...usually about a 10-15 walk from car park. To be honest nowhere is really far away at Bearded anyway. In terms of loos, normally a few by family but we take one of them little ones you can get from most camping shops for £15-£20 just for any 3am wee's if you dont fancy getting dressed and traipsing to the portaloos in the rain.

    Thanks for replies. Re that map, where's the entry point into the site from the car parks? Does everyone get funnelled through family and then into general camping, or are there separate entrances direct from the car park into Catton or Gibbs?

    Going to need two trips to car so just trying to reduce distances and lugging all my gear plus might leave some stuff in the car and just resupply as needed.


    PS a Lenor bottle does me for the 3am wee!! 


  14. Further to this anyone know what the parking/camping arrangements are that are shown in this video?

    Seem to be a lot of cars pitched up in a field with tents. Doesn't look like a van field, just a bunch of tents with various cars scattered about.


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