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  1. You’ve had such minuscule case numbers, is it really your second wave or just a continuation of the first?
  2. Went to my second pub today after yesterday. A lot more militant, desk with screen at the entrance, absolutely no service at the bar, they ask you if you want to sit inside or outside and take you to your seats. Table service only, then masked bar maids bring you your drinks. If you need a wee then you follow the one way system back round to the entrance and back through the pub do to your seat. It actually worked really well, takes a bit of getting used to but it all makes sense. In some strange way I kind of like how things are at the moment.
  3. I think they’re musically different enough that you’ll inevitably get people that favour one or the other and see their favourite as bigger.
  4. Had my first trip yesterday (and first pint which was 🤤) it all worked very well. Walk in through the garden and into the bar, order drinks and then exit to the left and back to the tables. Tons of tables outside all with umbrellas or covered. They were serving food but only four pizzas. The obviously flaw or issue is large groups of friends like ours, which is what the place was mainly made up of, but that’s more down to people to manage themselves. The reality is people would be meeting up now pub or no pub.
  5. Had my first hair cut, it was all fine thought they’d finished, then I basically got waterboarded right at the end as they washed my entire head in the sink. I suppose it makes sense but was a bit of a shock.
  6. It just seems like it could be a waste of money, Oxford vaccine already has distribution agreements for most of Europe. It’s also waaaay ahead of any other vaccine. No doubt others will come along, but when? The Oxford one has already been produced and is ready to go by the end of the year: https://www.astrazeneca.com/media-centre/press-releases/2020/astrazeneca-to-supply-europe-with-up-to-400-million-doses-of-oxford-universitys-vaccine-at-no-profit.html
  7. So we potentially have our own vaccine, but we should sign up to a scheme to delay us getting it?
  8. I’m inclined to keep an open mind on it for now, as far I was aware the Oxford one is available to everyone, each country just needs to agree a distributor to manufacturer which I believe a number of different countries have already done. There is every chance signing up to this EU scheme could slow things down in that respect.
  9. We just need to pray for this vaccine then. From what I’ve read the oxford one won’t exactly be a magic wand, but should hopefully be enough for the government to shift the guidance. Unrelated really, but I went to the pub yesterday with some mates, 7 of us in total from five different households. We all sat together. No doubt this is happening nationally in most pubs, so the two household thing is certainly not being observed at the moment. Hard to see it being observed at any sort of festival that tries to go ahead.
  10. Would be a perfect time for Florence really. I almost felt a bit sorry for her headlining because as great as it was, once she’s done it then it was going to be hard to come back. Prior to headlining she’d been a regular in various different slots.
  11. Mine too, twas magical. I’d just been a very casual fan before and only knew her high level hits, went back through her old albums and was amazed at how much good stuff she had. Ship to wreck was also a banger leading into the festival.
  12. I normally do too. You can usually get closer easier, and far easier to get out and get a drink and got to the loo as well. Generally speaking the real die hard fans of any particular band will push through to the front central part. I remember at the Streets at Glastonbury last year people were literally shoving people over to get through the crowd and get to the front, and they seemed more like their die hard type of fan. I know these are massive generalisations but I think there is some truth in it.
  13. Reminds me of this Partridge classic:
  14. You can even say the same about soho, the pubs themselves were fine with everyone social distancing. It was because they’d closed off the streets you had everyone congregating outside them.
  15. Whenever I’ve watched any football I’ve also thought that about the people that make they absolutely ginormous flags/adverts that cover all the seats up.
  16. Whilst a don’t disagree with any of your points I do to an extent with the one you’ve bolded. Young people inevitably get old, the young people she’s tapped into will be replaced with other young people that someone else will tap into later on down the the line. We were all young once and we all had an artist that tapped into us.
  17. I struggle to think of any young, male, American acts who have burst onto the scene and there has been a clamour for them to headline off their first album, so like it or not the female element comes into it. The festival themselves have expressed a desire to book more woman.
  18. Only OTHER reason Thanks for selectivity editing my post
  19. I was trying to think of other artists other than AM and Stormzy that had got the gig on just one album and I couldn’t think of anyone else. I think all those artists, apart from all being British also captured a moment at that time. Billy is big, no doubt, but Glastonbury are in the enviable position that they don’t need to book artists based purely on how popular they are just to shift tickets. A festival like I don’t know, Reading might try and book her purely for her popularity because it would help shift tickets, but Glastonbury don’t need to do that. They don’t have to chase what’s popular, so the only other reason they might go out of the way to book her would be that she is a woman, which of you ask me defeats the purpose of doing it. Somebody mentioned Bieber, similar sort of initial popularity but I didn’t remember anyone suggesting he should headline because of it, or the festival actively pursuing him. If it’s a question of wanting a female to headline them they should go after gaga well before billy, not least because she smashed her other stage performance so if nothing else has earned it. Something you can also say about Stormzy from the year before he headlined as well. Booking someone just because they’re really big right now is wrong imo.
  20. When it comes to big gigs at least, do you think a lot can just depend on where you stand? This was from one of the king power gigs. It was just off the left hand side, but everyone was completely nice and normal no trouble at all, no chucking piss etc. Across into the centre it was far more rowdy. I’m not saying people shouldn’t place themselves there, but I guess it’s a bit like camping at a festival, you can be unlucky or unlucky about the type of people you end up near.
  21. Just in case anyone hadn’t read it this was from just a couple of weeks ago: https://news.sky.com/story/tom-meighan-interview-i-bought-serges-record-hes-still-got-to-sign-it-for-me-12009689 I must admit reading it after the announcement but before we knew what it was for, I had kind of assumed it was down to his mental health!
  22. I’d like to see a super Hans style super group formed between them and the Courteeners to see this site go into meltdown.
  23. I wouldn’t rule it out personally, maybe a couple of years down the line. Kasabian are still big, but they’re definitely on the decline. I’ve got a few mates who are diehards and they are adamant it’s not Kasabian without him and they should just split up. If this hits their popularity and whoever they end up replacing him with means they slip out of headliner status for things like Reading etc, it wouldn’t surprise me to see them welcome him back.
  24. Stan Collymore didn’t struggle for employment despite beating Ulrika up.
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