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  1. Harrison Hendrix

    2019 Headliners

    I don't know about Morrisey, but Billy Bragg's a complete weirdo. Last year, he hassled me near the late night area, with this gorilla in tow. I don't know how he knew my name, at all. Some security people told him where to go. It was really freaky. Michael Eavis seems quiet a reasonable guy, so I can see why; if Morrisey were a bigot, Morrissey would dislike Michael Eavis. On the other hand, Emily's really odd, she seems to screw about with the campsites and everything, in really odd ways. I don't know why Michael Eavis let her run the place. But, as long as she runs that place, maybe she doesn't mind other people having to deal with that sort of man. In which case I suppose Morrisey could make it onto the line up.
  2. Harrison Hendrix

    So who is REALLY likely to headline/play in 2018?

    AC/DC, Oasis (or Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds; or his solo act; or whatever it is he's doing) and Jake Bugg or Pink Floyd. Although Elton John is likely to headline, sometime, so I wouldn't rule him out.
  3. Harrison Hendrix

    please buy tickets via our links

    I noticed the URL change. The URL has the letters ESF, at the end. I presume that's short for efestivals. The morning I discovered the site, it was one of those sell out mornings. It was for a major band tour. They had nothing on the other sites, at all. So I found this site. They didn't have any standing tickets left. They had a lot of other tickets left, though. The tickets were incredibly cheap. Some people aren't very fast on those buttons. So this is a handy link to have, in reserve. I didn't know there were, useful links, like this. Then I found this one. They were cheaper and the tickets have, already, arrived. So it's a very useful link, if you don't mind going to Manchester to see bands.
  4. Harrison Hendrix

    please buy tickets via our links

    I haven't posted on here before so Hi! I found this ticket link, the other day. I was buying Libertines tickets, for Manchester Arena and they'd sold out. So I went on to the venue website. I then used this link and got them much cheaper. http://www.eventim.co.uk/tickets.html?affiliate=MAN&doc=start They arrived really early as well. But if you don't make a profit from this link, either, feel free to delete. I don't work for them or anything. So I've got no allegiances.