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  1. Billy Corgan's Ego


    I'm so excited about this!! Outside of the hits, which one song would folk like to hear? Mine would be 'Stop Messin' Around'
  2. Billy Corgan's Ego


    Would this be the biggest name Sub in the festivals history? (I'm a relative glasto newbie with only 2016 to my name)
  3. Billy Corgan's Ego


    Best booking so far, IMO
  4. Bit too hardcore Rap for my taste. Do like Black Moses though.
  5. He isn't very big no. I just think he would be great somewhere on the bill, around dinner time somewhere.
  6. I can see my use of 'above' was misleading. I was referring to the above post with the three what would be underwhelming Other headliners this year.
  7. Well I have put three on there already for starters. I could put about 20 artists up, but I'll state realiatic others in the required genres from Pyramid this year. Eminem, Fleetwood Mac/Elton, Lady Gaga.
  8. I know, right. I let myself go for a second to Foals, RATM and The Prodigy. The above would mean a clean sweep of the 6 main headliners not being to my taste. Thankfully the above 3 are unlikely if we ate taking Emily's comments at face value... but I'm not sure I quite believe her.
  9. Ok, so I may have been too hasty in my assessment of Kendrick (ie 0% chance of seeing him). Half way through his Reading set from 2018 and I could easily get on board this train. YAH and Swimming Pools are solid tunes, the rest would be good under the stars on Pyramid.
  10. So annoyed!! Knew it was too good to be true, Rage are miles too big/expensive to play Other but there was a small part of me who thought Emily had pulled of the booking of the century. Please at least give me a Manchester or Glasgow date now
  11. Stop ruining my evening with insightful evidence!!! Monday in London seems like a weird date, almost too weird to be made up?!? (I need anything to keep this dream alive)
  12. Its horrible. I might struggle to sleep tonight...
  13. RATM on Other would be the most unbelievable booking on the history of the festival. For that reason, I just cant believe this is real. I'll cry real tears if it is however
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