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  1. I came on here today to get my weekday dose of misery, only to be confronted by gigs in March and Brothers bar ciders in June/September!!! Pfft...guess I'll have to turn on CNN or open the Manchester United fans forum for my fix
  2. So France recorded 41,000 cases yesterday (which is basically double the UK) however only recorded 161 deaths (which is less than we seem to be recorded on average). There is obviously a lag, but France are supposedly 4 weeks ahead of us in the pandemic. Is this because France are testing more or that we are an unhealthier nation? UK deaths seem so high as a proportion to cases than most other countries.
  3. And if you have near 100% compliance! We all know that the ship has sailed. My grandad who is 95 and in a home had a test yesterday. One of the carers tested positive this week and he has a bad cough (which he never has). Not looking good at all.
  4. Spot on. This address makes it less likely that Boris hits the nuclear button now..
  5. That's not really true though, is it?! Glasgow city has our highest infection rate at 270 per 100000. I am unsure if that would make it into the top 20 in England. Scotland also did suppress the virus to a few days of zero infections in day. It's actually astounding how we have went from that level to 1100 we have today in such a short space of time - hence sturgeon putting the whole central belt into what is essentially level 4.
  6. Cant argue with much, if any, of that. Scotland and Westminster are now forging clearly different routes. I'm in Edinburgh which has a weekly rate of 128 per 100k (at the lower end of Boris' level 2) yet we are currently under the harshest lockdown restrictions in the country (more severe than English level 3). It will be interesting to see how this now plays out over the winter and whether Sturgeons stricker tactics will have the desired effect.
  7. This virus is going to run absolutely rampant across the UK over the next few months, isn't it?!? A large proportion of the population have chucked it (with regards to compliance) and I therefore doubt even tier 3 restrictions can bring the spread down to a reasonable level. Save from another March lockdown, we are just going to have to live with high levels of circulation for at least the winter. Happy fucking Monday!
  8. Can someone explain to me how the hospitals are now fuller than March across a lot of the country yet cases are not as high (allowing for the variance in testing capacity)? Apparently they estimate that there were around 100,000 cases a day at the peak.
  9. You dont have kids, do you? This strategy (if you can even call it that) is designed to limit the spread, not eradicate it. The government have deemed children education more important than hospitallity, thankfully but regrettably. Its brutal for everyone, esp those who work in the industry, but short of a full lockdown again kids will remain in school.
  10. https://www.scotsman.com/health/coronavirus/devi-sridhar-lockdowns-are-not-answer-2999384 Shame what is outlined in this article is both practically and politically impossible in the UK now. The mess our government have made of this should never be forgotten
  11. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-54422023 If they are even close to being correct, this means they estimate the fatality rate of covid to be as low as 0.13%.
  12. Have a temperature of 38C and have been feeling like crap since about 3pm. Booked a test for tomorrow morning at 10am, 14 miles from my house in Edinburgh. That's a decent turnaround. Hopefully get the results over the weekend. I've been at top end of the compliance spectrum and actually dont know anyone personally who has had it. Shit just got real even though it's still unlikely I have the virus.
  13. I live in Musselburgh and work in Edinburgh - mask compliance is extremely high here compared to stories I hear from other parts of the country.
  14. So deflated this week. I knew this was coming, but it really is sobering when the tightening of restrictions are announced. It's going to be a long, brutal winter. Stay mentally healthy, folks
  15. Got Fontaines DC tickets at Edinburgh Corn Exchange today. April 2021. Absolutely love their new album.
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