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  1. Along with Rage and Daft Punk
  2. For all you Leeds regulars, what are the chances of the Friday (Rage) day tickets selling out and how fast? I have a dilemma as I am waiting to see if the Rage playing Summer Sessions (Glasgow) rumour comes true as it will be a lot easier for me to get to, also I feel the fully Rage specific crowd would be better. I do not heowver want to miss the fall back of Leeds if this does not transpire. Any thoughts/opinions would be well received.
  3. When do people think this extra date would be announced? It would be perfect for me if it was Glasgow but dont want to risk getting tickets for other gigs by rolling the dice. Will Leeds dah tickets likely sell out quickly?
  4. Thinking a long weekend in Prague for this tour. Not seen them in an arena which is always preferable for one of your favourite artists. Absolutely buzzing with this news
  5. My friend knows one if the DJs on the bill so on the guestlist. Was suicide circus easy to get into? Looking for options on the Friday night too
  6. Sorry to hijack the thread (please feel free to delete this post if not appropriate), but has anyone been to Berghain in Berlin before? Have opportunity of going next weekend and would like fellow tech-heads opinions first?
  7. If you mean Tyler Childers then yes, I agree ? Buzzing to see him and Bicep Live on here. Both are now shoo-ins for the big G
  8. Where do they fit though? Its surely now less likely with Frusciante
  9. I'm not doubting he will be huge, however I believe there will be more people leaving after Aerosmith than arriving! Aerosmith as a sub will have far less competition than Macca headlining.
  10. Followed by Aerosmith, which will be busier than Macca, IMO
  11. Leith in Edinburgh, Dave. My stomping ground. See Trainspotting for housing options.
  12. Consensus in my various social circles is that Indyref2 is a certainty now. The divide is now too stark. Scotland will be independent by 2022, IMO.
  13. Voted against independence in 2014. Would almost certainly vote Yes if we were to run it back now.
  14. Country is an embarrassment
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