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  1. You post shite like this then complain about people being nasty. Get a grip.
  2. I don't automatically hate people who vote Tory or whatever, it's just funny how silent they go from literally any pushback on their views or ideaology.
  3. That might be true, I still need to check out a few things like FKA Twigs and JPEGMAFIA. Albums I have been enjoying: Black Midi, Richard Dawson, Little Simz, Angel Olsen, Tyler, Fontaines, Weyes Blood, Weatherday and Big Thief. Anything you'd reccomend?
  4. Been a bit of a disappointing year for music in all honestly, glad we've got MGMT/ Kaytranada on the horizon.
  5. Statler: Same as it ever was? Waldorf: Yeah! Terrible!
  6. I reckon it will be a narrow Tory majority of about 8/9. Hopefully they find something to bicker over and lose their majority again. The best thing about Brexit is it takes time away from a lot of dangerous Tory policies they would have implemented otherwise.
  7. Alex DeLarge


    Think I saw them on the Hell Stage
  8. Have we got any Lexit supporters on here? What do you want to happen next? Genuinely curious about how this is going down.
  9. You've all made me want a Nine Inch Nails set for next year now. They would go down a storm on the other stage to be fair.
  10. Obviously some of those responses are going to be making a judgement of the guy cos he's well off, but when we all have to try on ticket day and this guy is moaning he didn't get to hang out with celebs then I can't say I feel too bad for him. You pay thousands to hang out with celebs and can't isn't the sob story he thinks it is. The company are the scummiest ones though, the bloke should get his money back.
  11. Yeah saying you have no sympathy for the bloke is the same as hating an entire group of people and calling them scroungers and lazy. Real big brained centirist hours going on in this thread.
  12. Foals would be a great headliner, in the grand scheme of things a young band who have worked their way up. Then you have FM - legends that have been rumoured for as long as I can remember. Not sure who headlier number three would be in that situation.
  13. My second point has been made in this thread: "So Rich and hard working deserve scrutiny however the lazy and poor people of the world who choose not to work hard should be given the right to blame the people who carve out a career and work long hours for what they have.... get a grip people. " Yeah the guy doesn't deserve to be looked down upon for being successful, but does it mean I feel sympathy for him? No. Do I think he should get his money back? Yes. Does the fact he pays more tax than many of us mean anything? No. Also, that 28% of tax figure (which really means they just pay 28% of income tax) sounds shocking until you learn that the top 1% have as much wealth as around 55% of the population.
  14. I don't believe the company is in the right and if you see my posts you'll see I've called them criminal for this bollocks. What I do think is Tory are the posts saying how the rich are rich because they 'work hard', with the implication if we all just worked that hard we'd all be well off.
  15. Alex DeLarge

    The Cure

    Just incredible stuff.
  16. all becomes very tory on here when you're all on your comedown
  17. lol it comes out pretty quickly doesn't it
  18. I don't really feel sorry for the bloke, I wish I had 16k to drop on a single weekend to hang out with all the #celebs The company that did this are also criminals, both can be true
  19. Literally Janet's fans all weekend.
  20. I can't tell if the Janet performance is just terrible on it's own or if it's even worse compared to how good Lizzo was. I've not checked out Low yet, but I imagine all of you who saw Lizzo are feeling pretty smug right now.
  21. Alex DeLarge

    The Cure

    I thought The Cure were fantastic on the night, but the past two days I've spent just thinking about that performance and digging through their discography again, and fucking hell. What a band they really are. The Cure are one of those bands where their discography is so deep and consistent you can take out a big chunk of your listening space and devote it just to them, reminiscing over songs and albums you loved before. Seeing Robert Smith break character for a little while was so endearing.
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