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  1. I've not been on this forum for some time, so it would be great to join this if that's okay with everybody.
  2. This might be slightly off-topic, but I don't quite understand 'cancel culture' in this situation. This isn't a case like Stormzy where people went looking for old tweets and found some - he committed an act of domestic abuse that is unthinkable to most of us, you can say those who are vowing not to listen to him anymore are 'cancelling' him, but surely that's their choice? I used to listen to Kasabian when I was 14 and grew out of it, why is it any different for someone to stop supporting their music now?
  3. Dua could headline fairly soon if her star keeps growing the way it has been. In late 2017/ early 2018 she had one of the biggest hits of the year with New Rules, then did it again a few months later with One Kiss. Got two different arena tours under her belt. Future Nostalgia is a critical and commercial success, it's probably a matter of when not if at this point.
  4. Kendrick will surely be at the top of the list when he's active again. The 1975 are the only young British band I can see getting the bump-up in the near future, maybe Foals but that's not a sure thing. I think Dua and Billie need another album to see if their critical commercial success continues. If they were to headline next year it would have been eight years for Arctic Monkeys, but I can imagine them releasing a single late next Summer and then playing '22.
  5. Metallica were actually good from the sounds of things, why's everyone complaining?
  6. They're not booking enough nu-rave for my liking. I won't be happy until the festival is wall-to-wall Inbetweeners-core.
  7. Weird to think mere months ago I would have been worried that Twitter is furious with this decision and everyone is criticising Labour. After that defeat in December I've realised how much of the commentariat know fuck all.
  8. Anyone else just can't "get" Sharon Van Etten?
  9. Bottom 10? 1. Lisa Goes Gaga 2. Moe Goes From Rags to Riches 3. Alone Again, Natura-Diddily 4. Homer vs. Dignity 5. The Boys of Bummer 6. Bonfire of the Manatees 7. Gump Roast 8. Kill the Alligator and Run 9. The Musk Who Fell to Earth 10. Double, Double, Boy in Trouble
  10. 1. Marge vs. The Monorail 2. Homer's Enemy 3. A Fish Called Selma 4. You Only Move Twice 5. Lisa the Vegetarian 6. A Streetcar Named Marge 7. Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk 8. Lisa's Wedding 9 . El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer) 10. Mother Simpson God this was harder than I thought, honourable mentions to: Marge Be Not Proud, Three Men and a Comic Book, Mr. Plow, Homer's Barbershop Quartet, Who Shot Mr. Burns, Bart vs. Australia and countless others. A list of the best Simpsons episodes changes all the time.
  11. Should I get my refund now or wait until cancellation?
  12. Love him or hate him, he's spitting straight facts here
  13. If the Government thinks I should be avoiding large groups, they should close the school so I have two weeks off. Pretty pathetic I have to spend my weekends indoors yet am allowed to interact with children who haven't heard of hand-washing five days a week.
  14. Having to pull shows in Asia shows Foals aren't ready to headline, however the fact they had shows in Asia shows they are ready to headline IMO.
  15. 70 pages and I'm still not any clearer on whether or not Foals deserve to headline fully.
  16. "I'm not mad... you're mad!" - the article.
  17. I hope so mate, it would be incredible for grime to get two headline level artists. I think I'm only apprehensive because we've seen this happen before - in 2016 it looked like Skepta was going to break out into a whole new level of stardom but didn't manage it.
  18. Oasis have managed to stay culturally relevant for all of that time, they have a massive fanbase (particularly up north) and even Liam's newer stuff like Wall of Glass made an impact. Apart from hearing Last Nite at Snobs once in a while I can't imagine today's teenagers listening to much Strokes tbh
  19. As much as I like Dave, I just can't imagine it happening. Stormzy has hits (Shut Up, Big For Your Boots) and brought showmanship to his performance which I can't imagine Dave doing. Stormzy also has a large media presence which Dave is only just growing now.
  20. The Strokes released Is This It in 2001, this years GCSE leavers were born in 2004, they don't care about them at all.
  21. Highlights: Billie Eilish Stormzy winning Tyler, the Creator giving a shout-out to Theresa May
  22. Think people forget how big Jake Bugg was, he fit the indie teenager demographic and the 6music dad demographic very well.
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