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  1. Got the Canada Post ticket in the mail today! Tickets ready tomorrow!
  2. Has anyone in Canada received their tickets yet? Once the tickets leave the UK, the Royal Mail tracking ends and there's not a way to track in Canada Post. Apparently my tickets were received by Canada Post on 5/29, but have not arrived at my house yet. I've done this twice previously and never had any issues, but don't really recall when they arrived. Starting to get a small bit stressed.
  3. Oh wow. Yeah, not jealous at all. It's 12C and raining here today....just perfect !!
  4. I'm jealous of you two! I am coming from Toronto, but not out until the 23rd. One night in London, train to Bristol to pick up supplies and then the coach down on Wednesday AM.
  5. Also Canada, but I believe Metakate is further west than me, so she wins....
  6. I was really happy to see Bill Ryder Jones in the line-up....
  7. Agreed! There's also a Guided by Voices nod in I Am Easy to Find. "Towers to the skies, an academy of lies" is pretty much a straight pull from GBV's Echos Myron.
  8. Interesting. Camplight is still noted on the map at the top of Pennards, but I didn't think they were going to be back this year. I assume that's perhaps a mistake, and was not removed from this version.
  9. Ah, nice one! I had forgotten about the weird couple of weeks where daylight savings get out of synch. I am in Toronto, same time as Tampa, and I now only need to set my alarm for 4am, not 3am. This must be what Christmas eve is like for really bad kids who don't know if Santa is actually going to come or not.
  10. Yeah, can confirm. My 9yr old son plays hockey, and each week a different kid gets to pick the pre-game song. It's mostly Imagine Dragons. Though, there's been a recent uptick in AC/DC selections which gives me hope for the future.
  11. I didn't see this posted, but my apologies if this is old news. Foals and Gang of Youths in Spain the weekend after Glastonbury. Foals isn't really a surprise, but Gang of Youths would be delightful.
  12. GBV at Glastonbury would be extraordinary, but I can't see them staying in Europe for all of June.... <sad emoji>
  13. Well....yes, only half joking. I know who Flume is. Though, it came a year after the same festival had AF/LCD/Killers as headliners. People were expecting something more along those lines.
  14. Agreed. I think a lot of the newer festivals over here were backed with business plans that promised they'd be making money within 3 years. When that doesn't happen, the plug gets pulled. Wayhome (near Toronto) is a good example. Pretty solid line ups in 2015 (Kendrick, Neil Young) and 2016 (Arcade Fire, LCD Soundsystem, Killers). In 2017 they cut one of the four stages, and had someone called Flume headlining. It did not return. The North American festivals are just all kind of the same. Last year, there seemed to be a pool of a few dozen bands that were interchangeable between every festival.
  15. @dixietheduck Any luck? I didn't get anywhere close, but my brother in law was able to get our group booked.....
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