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  1. StevieGed

    2020 New Music

    Liking Eminem’s album a lot more on first listens that everything since Recovery. Darkness is a powerful song, video is good too, best thing he’s released for a long time. A lot of filler but there’s a few decent tunes in there. Darkness, Godzilla, Yah Yah, Marsh, No Regrets and I Will my biggest takeaways. Loving Black Thoughts verse. BBC slightly underwhelming on first listen. Strategically kept it for the drive home, Let You Go was a cracking tune I thought but nothing else jumped out at me. Needs a few more listens of course but first spin nothing on SLST or ADKOF. Mac Miller and Courteeners albums very appeasing, and I’m not a huge fan of either. Interesting day of music.
  2. StevieGed

    2020 New Music

    Really liking the new Bombay tunes. I hold So Long See You Tomorrow in very high prestige as one of my favourite albums, I caught them touring the anniversary of I had the blues a few months back in November and the nostalgia was saddening to an extent on how many memories those tunes brought back, felt like I should have been waking up the following morning for a 10am lecture! I really like Racing Stripes from what I’ve heard so far. Id assume that they’ll be at Glastonbury but there’s several stages and time slots they could fill. I’m sure they played a late afternoon Other slot a few years back when they were last on the farm. Sunday up against Taylor on the park would be ideal as I’m planning on Kendrick and Macca Friday Saturday, would be a lovely end to the week!
  3. StevieGed

    Queue Times

    Sticklinch for me this year, does anyone have any info on closest gate/shuttle/car park for the camp site? Apologies if common knowledge!
  4. Eminem, V Fest - 2011 Coldplay, Glastonbury - 2011 Drake, Wireless - 2012 Jay Z and Kanye, MEN - 2012 Stone Roses, Heaton Park - 2012 The Rolling Stones, Glastonbury - 2013 Kings of Leon, MKB - 2014 Bombay Bicycle Club, Manchester Apollo - 2014 Chemical Brothers, Glastonbury - 2015 M83, Glastonbury - 2016 The XX, Glastonbury - 2017 Tame Impala, Citadel - 2018 Kylie Minogue, Glastonbury - 2019
  5. StevieGed

    Queue Times

    Usually get to Gate A Wednesday around 5am and put up with the several hour wait. Foolishly hit the booze too hard on the way down this year and had a slight comedown waiting for the gates to open. Thinking back, that’s when the excitement truly begins when you’re edging closer and closer to the festival looking through the fields. Then you finally get a glimpse of the Glastonbury sign as the light is just starting to roll in - roll on June!
  6. StevieGed

    Other Stage 2020

    Foals, Calvin and 1975 would certainly fit Emily’s comments. Would be a seriously strong trio of Other headliners no doubt.
  7. StevieGed

    2020 New Music

    Very much reminding me of The Moment from Currents. Which is a really, really good thing. Top track, my interest has climbed since Patience/Borderline into It Might Be Time/Posthumous Forgiveness. This could be my favourite out of the 5.
  8. StevieGed

    2020 headliners

    Apologies if already discussed and nullified elsewhere since the Coachella line up dropped, but is there an outside possibility Frank Ocean could fit the bill with solo artist who’s never played before? Headlining Coachella and would fall into the category of not much talk about him headlining. I’m with the majority in that it seems Kendrick is pretty much nailed on btw. How would everyone feel if Frank got announced? 2 latest singles haven’t done anything for me personally, and reading people’s reviews of his other UK shows on here is a bit off-putting, but I’d definitely pop along if he was the Friday headliner as the 3 albums he does I’m very much a fan of.
  9. StevieGed

    Other Stage 2020

    I don’t really see why 1975 would take the Other slot this year, but then again same could be said about Tame Impala last year who would probably have had every right to headline the pyramid in the coming years. Maybe they just really want to play it and they’re okay with taking an Other headline slot, just after headlining a lot of major European festivals as well as succeeding pretty well at Reading you think naturally they’d hold out for the Pyramid.
  10. StevieGed

    Other Stage 2020

    To come out and explicitly say Pyramid size headliners and then book Dua Lipa is a bold move, even Noel at a stretch. 1975 fit that bill but just don’t see why they’d accept that slot at this stage, unless it was on a “step up if X headliner doesn’t come off”. Maybe they might just want to play so are happy to in any capacity, but they’ve made it clear they want to headline the Pyramid, and would assume headlining the Other this year may prolong that.
  11. StevieGed

    Other Stage 2020

    Tough night for Dua Lipa up against Macca if true. Very strange as I wouldn’t think she was even in with a shout to headline the Other. Thought Pyramid third down or sub was a shoe in.
  12. StevieGed

    Other Stage 2020

    The EP stuff, although they never play it, has some of their best songs. I have Haunt/Bed and Medicine up there as two of their best. They have came on massively, I remember them in 2016 and they just seemed to get lost on the Other Stage (he did rant on about Brexit too, can’t quite remember what he said though). But I’ve seen them several times since and they’ve gotten better and better each time. Visuals are some of the best I’ve seen. Would be gutted if they clashed with Kendrick. I am seeing them in Liverpool in February so that definitely sways me towards Kendrick, but think it’ll be a decision to be made on the night.
  13. Prydz closing the Other Sunday would be something mate as I’m in the same boat as you for Kendrick and Macca Friday/Saturday. With pretty much nothing at all which would lure me away from the pyramid. Be good to see him take that slot, would go down very well.
  14. I think Prydz could smash an Other headline slot. He’s had pretty impressive visuals and shows based around them over the last few years. Would certainly get a fairly decent crowd, would be a good fit up against Macca. If Deadmau5 was deemed to have the chops for it then I’m sure there wouldn’t be a problem for Eric stepping up. Every day, Shadows, Pjanoo, Beyond 8 to round a night off in Glasto and wonder into the night would be perfect!
  15. StevieGed


    I don’t wanna close my eyes I don’t wanna fall asleep Cause I’ll miss you Jimmy
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