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  1. Anyone who was at T in the park 2014 will appreciate Be Above It as a set list opener
  2. Big shout out to new person same old mistakes, mind mischief, it is not meant to be and the moapily gorgeous yes I’m changing
  3. Solitude is bliss. Live it’s an outer body experience
  4. StevieGed

    Tame Impala

    100% there the Friday night, will stock up on drinks and get myself a good space at the Other. Think the new song has been played safe by Kevin as they’re entering household name territory so it keeps the masses interested. I loved currents so an album similar to that but more beefed up will do just fine, although I’d like to hear something a bit heavier on the new album (mind mischief-esque). Im also just as interested to see how they twist the new album cuts live as some of the jams on stage to current songs where they flip the sound completely is one of the things I enjoy most about their live show. New person, same old mistakes was a top finish at citadel this summer just gone, probably my preferred last song of their set list if I had to hand pick something for them to finish with. Hopefully there’s something on the new album that blows that out the water though for a real Glastonbury moment! See you all at Tame!
  5. There’s not as much around this year. Shame I know with having the fallow last year and the 2017 poster had some huge names on there. But if there’s not as much around this summer, what can Glastonbury really do about it? They aren’t paying megabucks and I guess they get a lot of their acts signing up to play based on the festival and it’s ethos and not so much because of the pay off. If there are no mega acts touring, or just a decent amount of mid size acts doing the rounds, then it’s out of the festivals hands. I seen an awful comparison on twitter earlier between Glasto and IOW first poster. The tweet said that IOW had pulled it out the bag whilst Glastonbury looked poor. I don’t know how that assumption was drawn up as George Ezra headlining IOW may not even be a sub at G, biffy were second or third down on the pyramid on 2017 and Noel is headlining IOW whilst Liam is subbing Glastonbury. And if Noel was to show up on the farm you could assume now that it’s opening the other or nothing really. I think the broad expectations of the Glastonbury line up is that it has to be the biggest and best, otherwise it’s a failure and and disappointing. Look around all UK festivals this year and then compare them to Glastonbury, whether direct competitors or not, I don’t really know how frustration or disappointment can be a thing here.
  6. But I can understand the perspective of people spending their money and wanting to see who they want to see. Fair dos if they go purely for the artists and bands they’re allowed to complain if it’s not to their tastes I guess. I just see Glastonbury in a totally different light to any other festival I’ve been too; V, T in the park, Kendall, latitude etc. I go to those festivals for the music and headliners, Glastonbury not so much.
  7. The poster could come out with Phil Mitchell b2b Grant Mitchell playing in most of the main stage slots and it still wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference of how much I wanted to go, the acts themselves for me are just an added bonus.
  8. @eFestivals have you saw anything our eyes are yet too Neil? Or is it just a case of info at this point?
  9. A Tame Impala and Jon Hopkins clash would be a bummer for me.
  10. There’s something in the air for me at the place. Everyone’s on the same page for a few days out of the year regardless of profession or social status or background/heritage. Youre just walking around a huge farm turned festival intoxicated with alcohol and whichever other preferences you may choose to involve yourself in. Everyone’s spirits are high, everyone is there for the same reason. Its the sort of nothing segments that make it special for me. Being at Arcadia in the evening before the sun goes down, flags waving in the wind, everyone raving and fussing about their choice of headliners. Stone circle for the sun rise on the Monday morning whilst everyone’s seeing the festival come to an end, yet sad and a reality check, also an impeccable way for me to close out the festival with everyone you care about with their feet up just chatting about the previous 5 days. Discovering funky smaller stages and tents and having a good laugh and dance to Indian themed raves. Just walking around the site with close friends and family with not a care in the world, seeing some of the best artists in the world and finally feeling at ease for several days out of the year. The Glastonbury spirit for me.
  11. Our whole group didn’t get a sniff in the main sale. Hopefully the ticket gods are looking down on us efesters come the end of April. Good luck everyone
  12. Don’t spend too much time at the stages. Wander around any point of the day/night with no aim of being anywhere and see what you stumble across. Catch a pyramid sub/headliner if any of them tickle your fancy. Make the most of every day and get up and out early as possible. Dont throw cups of piss. Take it all in!
  13. StevieGed

    2019 Headliners

    Does this info not raise any eyebrows ie Liam subbing Killers on the Saturday as we thought? Or was this just guesswork going off him appearing with them somewhere last year? Liam subbing Cure Saturday or Liam subbing Killers/TBC Sunday? Prominence wise ye Liam will get a hell of a lot of BBC viewers and draw a huge crowd subbing either night. But the more I think about it the more I see him as a Sunday keep-the-locals-happy and viewers at home kinda act.
  14. StevieGed

    2019 Headliners

    Sadly I think the time has came and went for Queens to headline Glastonbury. Its harder to break into the first team when you’re 34 than it is at 17. I think Foals aren’t far off falling into this category too. You're thinking to yourself ‘they’re one big album off headlining the thing’ next album and singles come and go and it just pushes them away further and further with each attempt to break the mould. Like it or not but 1975 and Catfish are the young up and coming tricky wingers making a name for themselves in the premier league, there’s much more chance and reason to give them the boost whilst their upwards trajectory is still on the rise.
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