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  1. StevieGed

    2020 headliners

    I think especially with Jay Z and Kanye having headlined before Drake certainly will at some point. Fee will be huge but I think he will headline in the next few years.
  2. StevieGed

    2020 headliners

    Funnily enough I first caught kung fu kenny at V festival in Weston park back in 2013. Dragged my group there who really aren’t into that music and they all loved it, became fans following his performance. But as you said, to see how far he’s come on since the earlier days of section 80/GKMC is great, he’s taken his show to a whole other level now. If he sticks with the Kung Fu Kenny mantra in his shows then I’d advise everyone to catch him if he does play the pyramid, as it’s a really good show as much as it is performance. But with how he’s progressing I think it’ll be a whole new persona/concept album and attitude with his next album, which I’m looking forward to seeing/hearing.
  3. StevieGed

    2020 headliners

    But we’re past watershed. The kids are asleep.
  4. StevieGed

    2020 headliners

    Section 80. ADHD, Rigamourtous, Hii Power. I think his best work is Good Kid Mad City personally. Timing of the album and him emerging at that time 2011/12 as the next big thing, it all pretty much fell perfectly into place for him. Mad City, The Art of Peer Pressure, Sing About Me I’m Dying of Thirst and The Recipe my favourites of this album. TPAB carries much more of a message and is more than a music album if you sort of get where I’m coming from. Hood Politics, i, Momma, Blacker the Berry and Mortal Man on this one. When shit hit the fan is you still a fan. Stuck with me when I first listened TPAB. DAMN is decent, but for me it was quite forgettable. Humble and DNA probably the stand out tunes, Duckworth was my favourite off the album. If Kendrick is there, I’d say that’s a decent indication we get the rest of TDE also. I’m very much here for Q, Jay Rock, Ab soul and SZA at Glastonbury.
  5. As much as I love the festival I’ve had years where I’ve gotten home and it just hasn’t went how I planned. Getting older I’ve learned to not expect anything or over hype an event too much, as it never usually lives up to your expectations prior to it all. Been going since 2011 and out of the 7 festivals I’ve been I’d say there where 2 where I’d gotten home and after all was settled just had to admit it wasn’t the best of times for me. Personal issues during that time period of my life, going with different groups and different people, beginning to appreciate different areas of the festival/approaching the 5 days differently, weather, bad turns on the arl booze/narcotics. Sometimes it just clicks for me, 2011, 2015 and 2017 being 3 of those years. The magic was there especially in those 3 events for me, everywhere we seemed to go we didn’t have to queue, great spots and great people around us in the crowds for some of the headline acts across this years - Coldplay 11, Florence, Pharrell and Chem’s 15 and XX 17. 16 was pretty dire for me personally, going through back home issues and coupled with the weather just seemed more like a chore. What summed it up was the Sunday traipsing to SE corner taking twice as long with the ground conditions to see that no more people were allowed in due to safety precautions, then plodding back to the rabbit hole and having no success at all getting into there, nor did we for the previous nights before. Then finally we went to make our way up to stone circle, which in 2015 we had the best Monday morning on as a big group together, speakers on and smoking a few joints talking about the 5 days we’d just had. Whereas I can remember heading up there Monday 2016, it was grey and pissing down, people where covered in mud and all wrapped up huddled together, seemingly like they where just staying there for the sake of it being the last few hours for another 12 months in the place. Came home 2016 and thought my time could be up with the place, or at least for a few years. October came and our full group of around 20 odd got tickets. Went and had one of the best weeks of my life. The magic is in there at the festival, but from experience sometimes it just doesn’t click for one reason or another. But when things are good, there isn’t a place on earth like it. Lets hope the magic is with us in 2020 folks.
  6. StevieGed

    2020 wishlists

    Unrealistic Daft Punk Kendrick (unrealistic as in if he plays, he headlines. Can’t see it being his year although I’d love to be wrong) Schoolboy Q Tyler the Creator The Weeknd Childish Gambino DJ Koze Eric Prydz Empire of the Sun Frank Ocean J. Cole Jamiroquai Miguel Pusha T One Republic (came on in the car the other day, they’ve got a few tunes) Hoping for the best Explosions in the sky M83 Purple disco machine Jack Johnson Paolo Nutini James Bay Jamie XX Kolsch 1975 Fleetwood Mac Noel HFB Snoop Dogg Wretch 32 Kano (caught him the other night, great new album and it comes across even better live)
  7. I’m not sure how realistic/unrealistic this may be. Chris Martin is going to be there, I think it’s just a fact all dislikers are going to have to put up with. Personally I like Coldplay, feel like they always put on a decent set/show, always have a good lights show too. I can only see them headlining if other first choicers fall through, and thus have to fill in for someone last minute. 2011 > 2016 > 2020 is a bit too soon I’d say, and I think even Chris Martin would understand how underwhelming it would be for Glasto to announce Coldplay for the big 50th. But, he will be there, that id say is pretty certain. Does anyone think for the 50th they might go the extra mile in certain aspects of the line up? By this I mean would there be any chance ever they could land the likes of a Coldplay or Blur, who are in with the Eavii as a special guest of sorts? Not exactly a headliner, not a co-headliner, not the heritage Sunday afternoon showing. I especially think Chris Martin will want to be on the poster and want to be a part of the 50th as he’s expressed time and time again he’d play every year if he could (which he nearly does as it is). Was just wondering if this might ever be a goer, would certainly be a coup to have an act like Coldplay be on the bill but not be headlong. Could also be painted as a special guest position rather than a sub/headline slot. But would most likely be playing within the sub headline slot of sorts. You’d like to hope there may be a few tricks up sleeves or a few curveballs coming our way for the 50th, was contemplating how likely/unlikely something like this may be.
  8. 3rd down on the pyramid for sure this year. And that’s not me saying that because I enjoy his music! Think him and dua lipa are certs for that position on the pyramid for 2020 though. Would be a laugh if they threw him on before Noel though.
  9. I’ll happily accept your theory. The XX it is. But realistically a new album puts them in the frame, solid choice, crowd pleaser. Could question if they want that slot again but they’re familiar with the festival, I’m assuming they’ll be well aware of the prestige of it being the 50th. Landing a sub slot before say a Fleetwood Mac or Macca would be one to remember I guess.
  10. Lana Del Rey and Noel as 2 of the 3 would be pretty strong imo. Not a bad shout either Catfish, again wouldn’t be there myself but can see why they may get the leg up.
  11. Completely forgot about the XX - they where great 2017, perfect setting. Think it may be too soon for the call back unfortunately.
  12. StevieGed

    2020 Pyramid Subs

    Apologies if already elsewhere, I couldn’t see it when having a trawl through just now. But who are we thinking for pyramid subs? Just as endearing as the headliner at times for me, had some great times looking back as the suns setting and the skies are looking wonderful. Difficult to gauge this year I think though. After Liam last year, I’d say Noel and his high flying birds could be a shoe in, can’t see him wanting the other stage headliner slot either. Would go down well as a pyramid sub, caught him last year and whilst I wasn’t massively into the latest album on record I thought it sounded great live. Mixed with a few Oasis classics you can’t really go wrong. Do we think anyone will get a big push up? Dua Lipa will be pyramid I’d say if she’s on, not my cup of tea and wouldn’t be there, but if she isn’t sub I’d say she’s definitely third down at the very least. Could Foals sub again? I think they’ll be there after the secret set last outing, and with part 2 of the new album coming out. I’m not sold on them headlining but thinking another sub slot same as ‘16 would be a bit dreary. Decent band and a solid booking if so. Anyone else we can think of, aside from any left field acts?
  13. StevieGed

    2020 headliners

    I think the outcome would be flat. Different altogether if Noel and Liam had packed it after Oasis where done in around 2009ish, but if you’ve been to see either or caught either of them you’ve pretty much seen them play a full Oasis set list combined, Liam especially. There would be massive hype, but unless a new album with a few new big tunes on it, I think most fans who’ve caught Liam or Noel individually would walk away shrugging shoulders as it’s really nothing new at this point in time. It would be a big moment for sure, but I think there’s not much to excite over in terms of the actual delivery.
  14. Rabbit hole and nyc downlow for me. Ive learned it’s just better to get in the queue and ride things out for an hour or so. You can spend most of your night in either of those venues and have an amazing time rather than walking around the whole site seeing bits and bobs of different things. Just my personal opinion anyway!
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