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  1. Although one death is always one too many in any case, the published statistics of fatality by covid-19 that came out yesterday were slightly bemusing. 307 fatalities by the virus of those without any known underlying issues, under the age of 60, and the average age of fatality by covid-19 being 82 in the UK. Should the focus be changed to mainly those of an older age and who are potentially vulnerable to the virus? I can’t see a world where we have to live without this now, and 6 months cannot come and go and there be talks of a 3rd/4th/5th wave and so on surely? I apprecia
  2. Emily’s Other headliners being pyramid level was a strange over reach. Fatboy slim can’t have been lined up for the slot if that’s what she went with to tease the Other headliners. He’ll pull a big crowd never mind. Slightly underwhelmed but there’s a handful on there I’m looking forward to so that’ll do me.
  3. StevieGed

    Kendrick Lamar

    GKMC > > > Money Trees, The Art of Peer Pressure and the first half of Sing About Me. Best Hip hop album of the 10’s for sure.
  4. StevieGed

    The 1975 2020

    Catching them last night makes you realise how many songs they have in their arsenal now to choose from. Completely dropping Girls and a Change of Heart from the setlist. The City also one of the first singles along with She Way Out, Settle Down etc. Don’t ever seem to make their way into the set. She’s American and If I believe you also which were 2 I really enjoyed live. I also really like their experimental stuff, so glad to see lostmyhead in there but would really love Anobrain/ILIWYS come back in. Appreciate I couldn’t be more in love finding it’s way in there a lot, a
  5. StevieGed

    The 1975 2020

    Heart Out in Liverpool!! Made up to hear that as it’s one of my favourites off of the first album. Had a great time last night, energetic as usual and had a good dance.
  6. StevieGed

    The 1975 2020

    From the videos I’ve seen he doesn’t look as energetic as usual, but suppose that’s due to the liveliness of him on stage anyway so you hold him to his own standards. Hard to not think a slight bit of burnout is creeping in. Toured all of last year all over the world and in the meantime tried to finish the next album off for it only to be pushed back, whilst in the middle of beginning another tour, pretty much exactly 12 months on from the Brief Inquiry tour. I know it’s touted as music for cars but I’d have guessed their plan was new album new tour. I also feel like some of their sin
  7. StevieGed

    The 1975 2020

    Their Full Reading set from the summer is on YouTube. Get that on one night and have a watch, I think they smashed it and I’ve seen them quite a few times - so it’ll be a good idea to see the kind of energy they bring live. Their stage set up is up their with the best I’ve seen. Albeit it is a shame that this set up is the same as last years tour, as I enjoyed the progression from the rectangles behind them to bigger and better each tour from around the time they released their first self titled album. I was eager to see what new design they were bringing, but still looks great so can’t c
  8. StevieGed

    The 1975 2020

    People - not my thing but can definitely appreciate it Frail State of Mind - bit of a throwaway, easy listen but not something I’m excited to see be on the album or setlist You and Me Together Song - like it, but not sure I’d be made up to see Notes with too many songs like this on The Birthday Party - listened when it first came out on Apple and didn’t take to it at all. Few more listens in the evening driving home from work its grew on me a lot. Definitely my favourite of the singles so far. If You're Too Shy Let Me Know - sounds better and more radio friendly than all of
  9. StevieGed

    The 1975 2020

    And out of all their singles Love Me just never resonated with me. Seeing them in Liverpool on Wednesday so hoping for a few surprises but guessing it’ll be everything they have out on Notes so far and then the biggest of the rest. She Way Out or She’s American hopefully!
  10. The co op was a massive help this year I thought. Stretch the legs if you weren’t too far of a walk away and get some fruit in the system, and then for desserts it would be a couple of pints of milk. Food essentials for me are salted nuts, Fox’s Vienesse biscuits and a tube of salt and vinegar Pringles. I’m on holiday so why not!
  11. From what I’ve read he co-wrote on Take Care, some of the more notable tunes on there too, and Drake was running with signing him to his record label (hear a lot of OVO XO in those earlier songs). Think the Weeknd wanted to be his own artist and turned down the offer which led to them going separate ways for a few years. The songs they did feature on together were great too, Crew Love, The Ride and The Zone.
  12. I remember discovering him when listening to Take Care by Drake in 2011 and thinking there’s definitely something special about him. Without sounding like a righteous twat his earlier house of balloons trilogy stuff is above and beyond everything else that followed. He then had a public falling out with Drake and went on into the pop world and done pretty well but now just seems to churn out top 10 stuff which strayed away from his earlier work. I remember hearing his cover of dirty Diana and thinking he could be the next big thing. He’s huge still but don’t think he’s a typical Glasto he
  13. He is absolutely bloody huge, but the gut feeling is that he’ll never make that final step up. I was there, massive and a great singalong, ideal sub on a sunny evening at the Pyramid. Just don’t think he ever makes the cut for headliner. I don’t mind him either, he’s harmless with harmless tunes, I just don’t see the next album being anything bigger or better than what’s he’s already done which will see him plateau at his current level of popularity. Think same will happen with Sam Fender, Gerry Cinnamon, Lewis Capaldi etc. It’s a difficult step to make one man
  14. I just don’t see George Ezra ever headlining it. Nowhere near the appeal a la Ed Sheeran. Think he’s just going to be boxed into the position he’s in now. Unless he breaks out wider than the UK and has a big single/album elsewhere. Headline TRSMT, Kendall, Latitude etc. But never the big G. I.e. Foals.
  15. StevieGed

    The 1975 2020

    A friend caught them the other night in Leeds and said they were blob on once again. Set list chopped up quite a bit and a few new songs were played. She said they played Sex at the beginning of the set which is a surprise!
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