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  1. I remember reading that there are fireworks on the Wednesday night. Can we expect Wednesday fireworks this year? Where and when? I don't see much about it.
  2. I really need Nina Kraviz' set...there were a couple tracks she played I need ID'd
  3. Also Primavera coming to Los Angeles (my next of the woods) in September 2020. Interesting...
  4. you're right, i've enjoyed listening to hatchie, cuco, and now mow from my desk here at work in california. just seems like a downgrade from previous years.
  5. WTF, then it's not a "live" stream lol. I remember watching Afghan Whigs live a couple years ago...this sucks
  6. What's up with the livestream? It looks like they're just re-playing sets from yesterday. Is there another channel I'm missing?
  7. He played relatively early in the afternoon this year at Coachella lol.
  8. Friend Chicken

    Billie Eilish

    She was 40 min late at Coachella (I was there) - worked fine for us as we were just walking by at the right time to catch the beginning. But I'd be pissed if I was there early/right on time though and she made me wait 40 min when there's a zillion other (probably better) things to catch.
  9. Well I'm back and had a GREAT time, perhaps better than any of my previous 9 years attending. People love to knock this fest but only those that go (and plan!) really know how fun and well-run it is
  10. Yeah demand is low this year for a myriad of reasons. After doing my lineup research though there’s plenty to see this weekend. I’m excited!
  11. lol there's plenty of lineup overlap between Coachella and Primavera, and the former is in many ways more well-run than the latter.
  12. I'm in the same boat as rockyloop - very disappointed at the lack of Camplight and Cosy Camper - and we have no plans to abandon our gear at the site. Unfortunate that they have done away with these very useful services!
  13. I was at Primavera last year and I go to Coachella every year. Primavera crowds were every bit as chatty, at times it seemed worse (Belle & Sebastian sticks out) but idk
  14. Bump - the two person scout tents at Worthy View don't include any sleeping bags/pillows/etc, correct? Just the tent itself?
  15. Cosy Camper will not be back this year. I was worried about this...I've been corresponding with them via Facebook because I'm coming from California and their service would have proved invaluable. Anyway, they just messaged me...it's 4am here and I'm quite anxious now. Are there any other alternatives that people know of?
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