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  1. Brock Landers


    Much obliged.
  2. Brock Landers


    Failing that any really shitty bars on site?. Ideally I'd like to find the shittest bar at Glasto. Thanks.
  3. Brock Landers


    Might sound like a bit of a strange question but are there any Irish Bars on site or if not, what is the closest to one?.
  4. Brock Landers

    Run the Jewels, Jewels, Jewels

    YEEEEEEESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!. Left it too late to get a ticket for Manchester gig so been holding out for this.
  5. Brock Landers

    Next Announcement 2017 Thread

    There's always next to no info re full lineup at this point. This is perfectly normal. A couple of years ago didn't it take until late May to get a full lineup?
  6. Brock Landers

    Private Coaches

    I think I'll be camping a bit closer to park / dairy ground this year so will also hopefully have the option of walking through gate D.
  7. Brock Landers

    Private Coaches

    When we got off the coach we were basically directed towards gate A by staff. I'm unsure whether this was down to general conditions though (fuck loads of mud). As per Cerv's message above, I would assume that you should be able to walk over to gate D from there though.
  8. Brock Landers

    Private Coaches

    If anybody is organizing a private coach you need to get on that shit now though and book a slot.
  9. Brock Landers

    Private Coaches

    It is at Bronze. I've travelled on a private coach for about the last 4 years. Last year was the first year that the coach dropped us off at Bronze gate (prev it just had been at Nat express bus / coach station). With all of the insane queues around the site it was actually piss easy getting inside. We then just walked to gate A then made the shortish walk to Bushey. My memory of everything is probably clouded by being the most drunk I've been whilst arriving into a Glastonbury though. For all I know other people could have been having an absolutely horrific time. I was on cloud 9 though.
  10. Brock Landers

    Simian Mobile Disco Live

    Any chance of them playing live as opposed to a DJ set?. Saw them a couple of times live round about the time of the first 2 albums and they were fantastic (they were amazing at Bestival in 2010). Think they played in The Glade in 2013 but I missed em to see Chic. With a (relatively) new album out does anybody think we have a chance of seeing them?.
  11. Brock Landers


    Do ya's reckon we'll get some head crushing techno at Glasto this year again?. Perc and Truss in the cave was a deffo highlight last year
  12. Brock Landers

    Run the Jewels, Jewels, Jewels

    Surely these are nailed on for Glasto?. Where would you peeps put them?. Personally I'd love to see them headline West Holts. Dunno if they'd be given the chance though.
  13. Brock Landers

    Arcade Fire

    Why are so many people against a band evolving and changing their sound. I love Funeral as much as the next person but I don't want another 4 albums sounding exactly like it. Bands move on and innovate. Surely this should be applauded?. Music should be about taking risks and attempting to break new ground (whether succesfull or not). I have much more respect for artists that try something different and fail as opposed to acts that just do the same thing over and over again, rinse repeat.