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  1. Manchester Psych fest has been announced today. It takes place on the Saturday of EOTR, which should narrow down the days Girl Band can play as they are supporting Stereolab at the fest. Maybe a few crossovers with that lineup? Stereolab would be fantastic, though would they have to headline or could they take to the Garden Stage? Bo Ningen would be great too. 


  2. I have really enjoyed reading everyone's thoughts on the festival, but thought as this was indeed my first End Of The Road, I would bring a few of my own thoughts to the table. 

    I have been to numerous festivals over the years, from the big festivals like Leeds back in my teens with friends, to Primavera, Orlando Calling, and Laneway Festival in NZ to the likes of Camper Calling when we first decided to venture back into the festival realm with kids. But I had seen the lineup to EOTR year on year and was determined this had to be out next family festival. I knew little of anything else in regards to activities beyond the music, the atmosphere, the stages and location prior to making this decision, but thought it was somewhere I needed to experience. 

    And while reading everyone's thoughts on the festival prior to going, I can't quite believe just how unique EOTR actually is. The entire vibe was like nothing I had ever experienced before. 

    We rocked up in our campervan a little after 5pm on the Thursday evening (also our first campervan festival as my wife was unwilling to tent it anymore!) and I can honestly say the weekend went by so fast we were amazed we got so much packed into it. Between the bands across all stages (the Garden was indeed as special as it had been made out, while the piano stage was a curious little find), the movie tent, the games area, Aardman's workshops, the Effing Forest, the Rig and circus tent, the whole family had a blast. We didn't even get a chance to venture out to the comedy stage such was the wealth of activities on offer. 

    Particular highlights were the Ferris Wheel (though finding a time it was open was difficult - stewards seemed oblivious), the photo booth, the disco, and the wonderful set up of the forest.

    As for the music, The Murder Capital were immense, not seen a performance like that for a while, the way they reworked their set list from their recent tour to build the set into an emotional roller-coaster was overwhelming at times. Mitski was also great, quite a change in style from the rather minimalist acoustic set I saw her perform in Manchester on the Puberty 2 tour a few years back. Low were majestic, Jarvis was Jarvis, Crack Cloud, Wand and Shame dominated the Big Top. Black Midi swept across the Garden and made a great old racket, while Du Blonde sounded good, though I missed half her set due to queueing outside.

    Fontaines were disappointing, literally so flat, glad I left early to get front and centre for The Murder Capital. Same with Spiritualized, who just felt so remote I couldn't really get into. 

    To be honest though, whilst we went for the music, the festival proved why it is held in such regard. It is much more than just a music festival, it's an escape, a journey into a magical land and one filled with some of the loveliest folk I have ever met at a festival. I wasn't bothered by the chair debate, which when you ventured further forward seemed to dissappear anyway, while my little girl loved having a good rock out on her dad's shoulders (and while she did urge me to go closer, I did try to acknowledge the obvious dangers of this on certain stages!). The festival had more than enough to entertain two adults, a 7 year old and a 1 year old, which was surprising to say the least!

    So all in all, we have booked to go again next year, hopefully the weather holds out as well as it did this year (and a campervan really helps with the evening chill) and we encounter some more wonderful people at a delightful festival. 

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  3. Yeah, The Beths are my highlight of this release too. Some other good stuff like Sasami, Tunng and Pom Poko, will have to check out a lot of the rest though. Not quite the announcement I was hoping for, but not bad at all. 

  4. Yeah, while I must admit I am not the most patient of festival goers, it does seem to have been quite a while since the first announcement. And while I like the line up so far, I do think it is lacking a little something at the moment. I am not expecting another Vampire Weekend, which was a headliner way above what I thought possible for EOTR, but I guess I would like a little more of an established heavier rock act than what we currently have. There is a lot of singer songwriter stuff and some up and coming bands at the moment, but I keep hoping for something like The Coathangers, Priests, Mike Krol, Ex Hex, even a return for Idles (which seems unlikely at this point). And I am still holding out a vain hope for SvE, though I suspect she is probably at headliner status now. Maybe some Big Thief, Du Blonde, Hand Habits, Feels, Julia Jacklin, boygenius or Self Esteem.

    Still, some really good stuff is on the bill, and I trust there is much more still to come. Just got to build up a little patience as we wait!

  5. been away for a while just in case anybody was missing my lack of wit and awful spelling, but managed to stock up on a few cds while in new york, and at £5.50 each who can complain.

    so i managed to get

    the mars volta- frances the mute

    arcade fire- funeral

    white stripes- get behind me satan

    bright eyes- im wide awake...

    futureheads- futureheads

    kaiser chiefs- employment

    maximo park - apply some pressure

    the kills- no wow

    kings of leon - aha shake heartbreak

    my cd case is bulging :):D:)

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