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  1. bca

    Sunday night public transport...

    Looks like they'll be running until about 20 past midnight (providing there's no engineering works).
  2. Brown is much quieter than orange. Orange is the best bet if you don't want to be super-rowdy IMO. From experience, I'd say (top to bottom, rowdy to Cornwall): Yellow/Green Orange Red Purple Brown White Silent disco from Brown is a 5-10 min walk, no big deal.
  3. bca

    Green Car park - how to leave?

    Not sure about last boat times, but from experience, even at quiet times, it's quicker to walk!
  4. bca

    A few questions for first time

    1. Biscuits! 2. Very, unless you're really stupid/obvious about it (last year one guy was talking about hiding his grinder... right at the end of the queue!) 3. Varies - if you look suspicious, they'll probably search you - most of the time they don't care though. They're more interested in things like glass bottles, or booze on U18s tbh. 4. I always go early bird, it's easier to find somewhere to camp (fields are basically empty), and you can get hammered Wednesday night and be hungover Thursday without missing anything ;).
  5. bca

    First time solo

    You can get back, but trains back from the station on Saturday night will be pretty busy - last train is like 20 past midnight. You'll miss the last tube in London so you'll be night bussing it. Personally, I'd make the most and stay the night! Pendulum and KL will probably be on the same time if they're both headlining, although KL will probably be on later, so chances are you'll be able to split it. Festival arena is pretty big, but even when tipsy a 10 min walk will get you anywhere in the arena. Toilets in the arena (for guys) aren't that bad. They have pretty big urinals so just in, do your thing and out. I've never had to queue for a piss in the arena!
  6. bca

    Searching for company

    Been on my own 3 years running now - went with those guys last year, really good group!
  7. They closed the box office a few years ago due to massive queues of people trying to get tickets.
  8. bca

    Secret Sets

    Always check out any gaps on the introducing stage! Rise Against did an acoustic set on there before, and there's quite a few bands on the lineup who are known for doing acoustic sets.
  9. bca

    Backpack size into festival question

    They're not going to be holding a piece of paper up to your bag, don't worry As dental plan said, they just want to stop people bringing massive bags into the arena.
  10. You'll need to ask Ticketmaster to organise collection at/near the festival site. They can do this, I had it a few years ago when see tickets failed to send a bunch of tickets - they set up shop in a hotel in town. (proof of purchase won't get you in).
  11. bca

    Going to Reading alone 2017

    There's a group of us camping in Red (a few will be there from weds) - drop me a message and I can add you guys to the WhatsApp group :). Or just look for the Ian Beale flag someone is bringing in red
  12. bca

    Going Alone / Camp Loner Thread for 2017

    Drop me a PM and I'll add you to the WhatsApp group
  13. bca

    Going Alone / Camp Loner Thread for 2017

    More the merrier! We've merged with the group here - https://www.facebook.com/groups/218631851508119/
  14. bca

    Going Alone / Camp Loner Thread for 2017

    Of course! Think we're going to end up going with the other group - so there will be a few of us (not many of our usual group are going this year).