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  1. fowls

    Resale club 2020

    Third year running in the resale club! Was successful in the 2017 resale, failed 2019... hoping to bank in some karma for 2020.
  2. See are getting the same money whatever they do. Anything to improve the system would effectively be for free because there is no financial impetus - it won't earn them anything extra, it's more investment for the same money, so it would eat into their profits if anything. They shift 100,000 tickets in half an hour. That's good enough for them. Anything further is above and beyond their services.
  3. What's to stop someone registering again with a slightly different photo and different address? They'd need to collect and verify more identifying data for that to be feasible. And even then, it would need policing to stop diliberate typos to get around the detection system. In principle I have nothing against the idea. It's a shame to get to this stage, but when allegedly 1.7million people are trying, something needs to give. It's only going to go up every year. A second site must surely become a serious consideration now.
  4. Was 2016 the year Jake Bugg headlined Other Stage? I definitely remember that year there was nice weather but the mud really drained my energy so I just wanted to go to bed after the headliner each night!
  5. fowls

    Resale Club 2019

    I've managed to get resale tickets in the past, but within the last few minutes so it could have been a very different story. It's a relatively fast sale compared to general. Gotta have hope!
  6. fowls

    Resale Club 2019

    Hi guys, I keep telling myself it's not my fault. It's not my fault. But at times, I feel like it was... ??
  7. Exactly. There are hundreds of thousands of people wanting to go to Glastonbury. If you said "the same areas and line up will also be available at this other sister festival" a decent proportion would be up for that. Maybe you wouldn't, but there are enough people who have tried but failed for tickets for years who would be willing to try a sister festival for some of the same vibe. Sure, it isn't Glastonbury, but it's a good alternative that can pick up a name for itself in its own right as the years go by. In 10-15 years it could grow to be held in the same regard as Glastonbury but different in its own way. There are so many people involved in setting up Glasto that there's bound to be plenty of 'deputies' in the wings who could take the reins of a sister site organisation. It'd be a mammoth undertaking, but I don't see why so many here take it as a hard no. I see it as similar to the super wall - sure some moan that the atmosphere has never been the same since, but the majority of punters at the festival couldn't care less, and it safeguarded the future of the festival. Years on from the wall, it barely garners a mention.
  8. Not really. I was refreshing from well before the kick off, from 9am got the error crash. Never had a problem in previous years with at least getting to the holding page. Some years it just isn't meant to be! Difficult to tell anything anecdotally - if you get through it seems easy, if you don't it seems impossible. Don't see that ever changing!
  9. I can't help but think Glasto has a lot of leniency because it's been established for so long. Try setting up a new ground with music going on til 8am and there's going to be a lot of bureaucracy to battle through. I don't think it's impossible, but I don't think it would be a simple proposition. Personally, I'm not totally against it. What makes Glasto special for me are the mix of big and small acts, all the areas to chill out, Shangri La with its sets for partying, and the lay out of the festival in a valley (for some reason it wouldn't be the same if it was just a flat field). Im not so interested in the spirituality part of the festival (sorry!) and I'm not entirely convinced by the arguments for atmosphere and 'people' since tickets are sold to a somewhat random 135k people each year. The small subcultures are in the people who provide the festival, and that can always grow to a second site. Like all the small arty things? Well there are plenty more around the country who could provide that kind of thing just as well. The acts are just as oversubscribed as the tickets! With a second festival they could set up a second completely different ShangriLa. Sure, it wouldn't be the original Pyramid stage, but it's something. If it had a similar but somewhat different identity I doubt there would be many haters once it established itself. The difficulty is in setting it up in a single year. Glastonbury has had huge incremental improvements over even the last 5 years. As much as I'd love to say Glastonbury is completely impossible to reproduce, I think 80% of it could be carried to a different site and maintain much the same vibe if the right people were involved. Wasn't there that rumour that the Arcadia festival could actually be the secret lead up to the Glasto Bazaar? It would make the most sense to grow another festival without the Glasto hype to grow organically before giving it the Glasto branding.
  10. Yeah, it's a good step forward. Admittedly, I remember using that loop hole myself a few times (to help out one or two people, not dozens!).
  11. That's understandable. It does seem a broken system if the few who do get through for whatever reason can become the Ticket Gatekeepers, repeatedly buying tickets for all their friends in multiple orders. At least it's heartening to see clicking back doesn't always work. I really don't know what can change. Each year it's a record number of people. It's going to be harder and harder on internet servers - even if they do improve it'll be a case of 1 minute sellouts like you see with arena tours. Either you get straight through or you refresh straight to a sold out page. Thats no less frustrsting. A ballot sure is the fairest way, no doubt about it, but encourages far more "have-a-go" punter's who wouldn't brave the gauntlet usually, resulting in far more applications and far less chance of getting tickets. If anything I liked how it was a few years back with tickets taking an hour or two to break through the crashes and sell out. At least then there was some attrition after people started giving up!
  12. I didn't manage it this year, but it does happen every year. In the 2017 resales I got to the ticket form with the "tickets not currently available" statement in place of selecting the number of tickets I wanted. Kept refreshing and it let me order a ticket after a few minutes of frantic refreshing. This was around the time of the official sell out (though it's a bit foggy in my mind if it was just before or just after it was officially sold out). I'm pretty sure if you get the "Glastonbury is sold out" page, you're out of luck, since this is straight up cutting off access to the ticket form. It's getting from the holding page to the ticket form that is the great stumbling block. Once on the ticket form and "in the system" you have a much better chance of getting through by refreshing. It looks like the people who got the tickets after sell out were on the ticket form so could keep refreshing that page.
  13. You're saying it's possible under the current system? I don't see how... If you buy a ticket for someone else, there's no way for you to cancel it unless you block the credit card transaction, which is a hassle in itself. I really don't see this being an occurance to worry about.
  14. fowls

    2019 Headliners

    My facetious comment aside, I think CG is more of a subheadliner at this point. If he headlined, he'd get the Gorillaz treatment. People think they want to see him, then realise most his material isn't anything like that one song they know. The crowd is a lot more forgiving for the subheadliners. If Farrell subheadlined, I don't see why Gambino couldn't. I'd be very surprised if Kendrick isn't a headliner. He seemed like an obvious choice in 2017, and is only more so now. Just edgy enough to show Glasto is progressing, but a safe enough bet to be respectable to the stalwarts (especially now he has a Pulitzer).
  15. fowls

    2019 Headliners

    People heckling for This Is America for 90 minutes? Sounds great!
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