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  1. fowls

    Glastonbury evolves

    There needs to be shelter on Wednesday and Thursday before the stages all open up. Wednesday last year was a joke for people hunting out shade in the heat. All the covered stages were out of bounds. ANYWHERE there was shade there were people crowding together - even the shadow of flags! A bunch of giant temporary gazebos that could be taken down once everything's up and running would be handy if it was sunny or raining. It doesn't help that people have potentially already queued in the sun for hours with all their stuff waiting to get in.
  2. fowls

    Album of the Year 2017

    Los Campesinos - Sick Scenes I can't believe how overlooked this album was. I feel like LC have spent years trying to find their voice once they dropped the Twee-core thing. I had pretty much forgotten about them, then Sick Scenes completely took me by surprise. The slight political tilt really suits them. Really thought this would be the album that pushed them more into the mainstream, but they didn't even get a slot at Glasto. That's indie labels for you I guess.
  3. fowls

    The National

    To be fair, they owe Brussels something special after cancelling to play for Obama. Good on them for making a special show!
  4. fowls

    The National

    That's exactly what I love in Matt's screaming! He already does the strained shouting live for Mr November so I thought it was interesting he chose to use it on record too. I definitely think it sounds a bit out of place on the record with all the other sombre tracks, but it sounds great live. Maybe should have been a B-side? I'm surprised they don't have more songs for Matt to let loose on. Turtleneck and System Only Sleeps... sound far more El Vy than recent National to me (part of the reason I brought it up). Personally, I'm glad Matt's carried some of that over into the new record. Bit odd that National have suddenly picked a sound so similar to Brent Knopf's though.
  5. fowls

    The National

    So what are everyone's opinions on El Vy now some time has passed? I think it might be just a smidgen better than any National record...
  6. fowls

    The National

    I really don't think the band will go back to all the old staples in a single set in future tours - seems like they've turned a corner with their setlists. Makes a lot more sense to start changing things up with 7 albums (even if they do only play songs from 5 of them). Not enough bands change their setlists IMO, it should be encouraged!
  7. fowls

    Lack of T Day nerves / excitement

    The fallow year is great for me! Got to complete my doctorate thesis for March 2019 so no interruption. One year of hard work, then everything will be alright with the world again!
  8. fowls

    The National

    Yeah, chatters are far worse at National gigs. So many more sedate songs that when one group stops talking, another starts. Infuriating!! To be honest, I didn't pick up on it! I'd only ever heard Iron and Wine's cover and didn't know it was a New Order song until I looked it up after the show... I did figure they'd play some sort of cover at some point after Matt talked about how much Manchester means to them, but they didn't make much effort to introduce the song itself. It's a total cliché to say that and then cover The Smiths or Joy Division. My friend gave me a New Order vinyl, it's still sitting on the shelf in shrink wrap. Haha
  9. fowls

    Trouble at mill

    It was nigh-on 2010. Not as hot overall (though Wednesday was baking!), and a few very light showers, but nothing for more than 15-20 minutes and no mud. The no mud part was probably why it was so fast to clean up - people were voluntarily kicking rubbish into piles to make it easier to clean up, and not much was being trodden into the ground. The stages were almost spotless each morning, so the dawn clean up crews were really keeping on top of things.
  10. fowls

    The National

    Tonight was 10 times the show last night was! Abel into Sorrow was magic, and surprised by how much they made the New Order cover sound like a National song.
  11. fowls

    The National

    I'm hoping Manchester breaks that rule! Tonight was pretty similar set to Edinburgh night 2. Almost entirely the last 3 albums. Good to see Hard to Find back on the setlist, but hoping for something special tomorrow. It was great that the band stopped the show when they saw some trouble in the crowd - think someone had fainted. They then replayed the song that they had very nearly finished anyhow.
  12. fowls

    Foo Fighters

    I'm quite enjoying Brand New's new album. 451 really shows how to incorporate a blues riff into a modern rock song... like The Sky is a Neighbourhood failed to do.
  13. fowls

    Foo Fighters

    Well, I've given the album my best shot, but no, it's unbearable. I'm a bit upset that my favourite live band have dived so badly over the last decade, but time to cut loose and move on!
  14. fowls

    Arcade Fire

    Reflektor > Suburbs > Funeral = Neon Bible >> Everything Now for me. I don't know what it is about EN. Each song (with the exception of Peter Pan for me) is decent enough, but as an album it doesn't feel like a step forward/upward as each previous album has been. Maybe it's the piecemeal way songs were released that has stopped me hearing it as a fully formed album? It's fun enough and the songs will sound great in the setlist. I don't think I'll be looking back in 10 years and thinking "Everything Now! What an album!", but it has the potential to be one of the more fun tours.
  15. fowls

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Hey now, no mention of Six Feet Under's use of Lucky??