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  1. GoonPickle

    Alcohol checks

    I highly doubt, I've seen people take the water pouches with all sorts in it. They will search you and if alcohol is found they'll just make you lob it out.. Enjoy!
  2. GoonPickle


    get in!
  3. GoonPickle

    Few Questions please

    1. Taxi's will rip you right off, Bramham Park is miles away from Central Leeds so my best bet would be go to the shuttle bus there then queue, 2. I'm not sure, queues are often long though so best to arrive early just in case. 3. If they see you drinking it or catch you with a can then they'll confiscate it at the gate or make you chug it. Although you can drink in the queue if you want. 4. Inside the arena, I'm not quite sure, usually late DJ's are on the relentless stage, but I don't know where they are as I've never been remotely bothered. No "After Parties" that I know of. 5. NO!. Dont and I'll repeat this DONT turn up 5 minutes before the LAST shuttle bus. I know you'll probably be hammered but so will everyone else, and usually the busses are an absolute cluster f*** and taxis dont bother queueing as I've seen people walk in front and offer a tenner to take them there and then. Queues for shuttle busses are often long, everyones hammered and the bus company usually doesn't have a clue what to do. 6. Yes and No, theres not tonnes and people do queue for them but as I said before, it's all a bit of a mess as everyone just wants to get off site as quickly as possible. 7. Yes, loads of bars, easily accessible, yes, last time I saw they were about £5 with your standard 10p give the cup back thing. LiveNation have licensed everything so its mainly Pepsi Max etc and Tuborg Cider. 8. You can BUY (no free things unfortunately, all money making) a Lanyard with all the times on it and a Programme for £10. All times are on the app apparently but I haven't checked.
  4. GoonPickle

    Is 3pm too late to arrive for camping on Thursday?

    you should be fine, hopefully should be nicer further out, I've always found closer to be horrible..
  5. GoonPickle

    3 x VIP Leeds Festival Weekend Camping Passes

    Is this for the GUEST BAR too, so the one next to Press?