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  1. Tug life

    Deer Lodge parking

    It does "make it clear", perhaps they've slipped a fact in amongst the half-truths and false promises.
  2. Tug life

    Solo singers at KC

    Kendal Karaoke?
  3. Tug life

    Deer Lodge parking

    I'm hearing terrible rumours that the deer lodge won't have it's own car park this year, which means you get to lug your gear further than everyone else and pay hundreds (or thousands) for the privilege. Does anyone know if this is true? And the reasoning behind it? Personally I suspect it's so fewer police and sniffer dogs are required. Having seen security drastically reduced last year, is this the latest cost cutter?
  4. Tug life

    See you in the hills ?

    They do like their sausage square to be fair.
  5. Tug life

    Hat stolen at Kendal calling

    To the victor the spoils.
  6. Tug life

    Emperors Field and Deer Lodge reviews

    It's fair to say the pads are not ideal when the weather turns wet, but compared to a tent they are luxury; solid walls to lean on so you can remove your wellys in the doorway, the rain bounces off the roof instead of weighing it lower and lower, and best of all it doesn't blow down or wash away. For us it's become a necessity rather than a luxury.
  7. Tug life

    Armed police to patrol Kendal calling

    Not sure about their technique though, when I first encountered one I thought he was a drug pusher "what you got? what you want? what you taken?" etc
  8. Tug life

    Feedback on 2017 - good, bad, shite weather !

    Seating near photo ops; "can you take a picture of us all?". Next year's T-shirt will say "No, I will not take a fucking picture" on the front and "yes, he really fucking did say that" on the back, because when i say it for the twelftietht time it sounds like "yes, no problem". All night shout and singalong party on Deer lodge; take that shit where it's expected. people pay for comfort, and sleep is a basic. Some of the food was delicious, some was cheap shite without the cheap. I noticed one or two price hikes as well. Families sat in the same spot all day leaving massive amounts of rubbish behind. Please break the cycle; teach your children not to be c**ts. The good - pretty much everything else.
  9. Tug life

    Armed police to patrol Kendal calling

    To be fair there was the usual undercover police doing the rounds.
  10. Tug life

    Emperors Field and Deer Lodge reviews

    Kept awake by the all night singalong in Deer Lodge Saturday night. Nobody wants confrontation so whoever told them to "STFU"; we thank you.
  11. Tug life

    Beer Smuggling tips 2017

    I still have the wife stash the water pouch down the front of her pants; it keeps the vodka cold.
  12. Tug life

    Standout act of the festival

    The mustard dijon band (or something like, can't remember exactly so won't embarrass myself by getting it slightly wrong) were fantastic. First time I've seen them, and missed the start because mud. "Bounce the ball"; the innocence had me in tears.
  13. Tug life

    Armed police to patrol Kendal calling

    Didn't see any armed police inside or out. I thought I should seek a bit of reassurance, just to be safe, couldn't find any security either. I checked the bars, the stalls, the stages; no visible presence of FGH (usual firm used, some good lads.... some), not even a patrol. Finally found them gathered at the places we're not supposed to go, what used to be a one man job was now a team affair. Even the entrances looked thin. Anyone know what that's all about?
  14. Tug life

    Beer Smuggling tips 2017

    Saw first Emporers entrance search tonight. Been carrying a four pack in twice a day since Friday. Apart from Woodlands and WKD (corvus sec) first time I've seen security in the arena this evening.