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  1. raynor

    BST Hyde Park 2017

    Green Day finish at 10.15 according to the app.
  2. raynor

    BST Hyde Park 2017

    I think the curfew is 10.30.
  3. raynor

    BST Hyde Park 2017

    I didn't realise there was an App, I've just downloaded it, thanks.
  4. raynor

    Carry Distance

    I've been once, 4 years ago. I can't remember which car park we parked in, but it didn't take long to walk to the general camping, about 20 minutes I think, nothing like Glastonbury, which can be a lot longer. We arrived on the Thursday, but I don't think the music starts until early afternoon on the Friday, I believe it starts earlier on the Saturday and Sunday.
  5. raynor

    BST Hyde Park 2017

    I think you just turn up on the day. In 2013 when I saw the Stones, they gave you lanyards when you walked in, the following year for Black Sabbath, they didn't have any lanyards at all, I had to find out the times and running order at the information tent. I haven't been since, but I am going this year.
  6. raynor

    BST Hyde Park 2017

    I received my ticket today for the Kings of Leon show.
  7. raynor

    Really Big Secret - suggest your act here!

    I agree, the Kinks it is.
  8. raynor

    How low will they go?

    The other way round I think. Either way they must be struggling to sell tickets, but with a line up like that it's hardly surprising.
  9. raynor

    Best acts you have seen at the festival

    Of the 6 Glastonbury I've been to. 94- Manic Street Preachers, 95- The Cure, 97- Radiohead , 10- Stevie Wonder, 14- Royal Blood, 15- Florence and the Machine.
  10. raynor

    BST Hyde Park 2017

    No its not too late, I haven't booked the travel ticket yet. I've looked at the train prices and they look the cheapest option. Thanks for the info.
  11. raynor

    BST Hyde Park 2017

    National Express are running coaches to all six of the BST Hyde Park concerts. It works out at around £34.00 return from Birmingham to the concert I'm going to, which is the Kings of Leon/Pixies one. Of course the coach price depends on where you are going from.
  12. raynor

    Beyond The Tracks

    Yes I agree , about time Birmingham had a decent festival. I'm going to go on the Sunday, East Side park is close to where I live, I can walk there and back, won't have to pay for travel or accommodation for once, happy days. I'm not sure if kids are allowed people have been asking on there twitter page, so you should find out soon.
  13. raynor

    Glasto 1997

    97 was my 3rd Glastonbury. Me and a friend went from Birmingham on the Thursday, went by coach and we left sometime late morning. By the time we got there and started pitching our tent, it was getting dark. So we were trying to put our tent up on a hill in the dark in the rain. I remember Radiohead being brilliant and I remember Neil Young and Steve Winwood both not turning up on the Sunday. It was really muddy but I don't recall it raining that much over the weekend the main problem was it had poured it down for days before the festival. This was my last Glastonbury for 13 years nothing to do with the mud, but I didn't go again until 2010.
  14. raynor

    Bestival 2016 - how was it for you?

    I went to the Bowie tribute at the amphitheater, it was a disco where they just played loads of Bowie records. The one at the hidden disco was supposed to have been at the same time, which I found a little strange. I didn't realise that one was cancelled. I couldn't find the hidden disco, someone said it was just someone with a laptop in the woods playing tunes.
  15. raynor

    Bestival 2016 - how was it for you?

    I went on my own to my first Bestival and I had a great time. The Cure were the main reason that I went to Bestival and although they were brilliant, I still saw and enjoyed loads of other stuff, including things that I wouldn't normally listen to. Ive read all the comments that people have posted about this year not being as good as previous years, but of course I can't really comment on that, because this year was my first Bestival.