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  1. Bring Me The Horizon, no one was talking about them that I’ve seen on here. Lots of people I’m happy added but thought they MIGHT play but Horizon is a complete surprise.
  2. Sorry not read past 7 pages but does this mean Rex Orange County is up against Janelle Monae? I was already bummed I would have to miss The Cure f sakes!
  3. Well tried to get something out of him but only got a ‘like’ ??
  4. When I went 2016 there didn't seem anywhere near the kind of clashes that look to be happening this year. No idea where I'm gunna end up and if I will be with anyone, taking the missus for the first time ever and from the looks of it unless I'm willing to concede a couple I suspect we'll be off at different things as the group I'm going with are very MOR "music died in 2006" lol. Saturday clashes look mental.
  5. Anyone got any ideas of who could be playing/headlining this year? Mr eFests Sir? Any ideas? Personally thought at the start of the year that maybe Kylie might do some of these smaller fests seeing as she got announced for Scarborough was it? Thought maybe Paul Heaton might be in with a shout of headlining?
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