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  1. That wasn’t the reason behind my post good sir but rather that that particular question has been debated non stop the past few pages. But in answer, in short, no.
  2. Foo Fighters are still consistently releasing critically acclaimed albums and are a big presence in music, everybody loves Dave. The others either haven’t released anything of note for years with the exception possibly of Biffy but their star has waned let’s be honest. When they release an album it’s not really a huge deal where as when the Foos drop an album the world sits up and takes notice. And this is coming from someone who thought on a personal level that the Foos was a boring booking, but I understood it.
  3. Hmmm...I do agree but then we’re also talking of RHCP/Blink 182/Biffy Clyro being one of the headliners and NONE of them are relevant either.
  4. And they did when Kings Of Leon were announced?
  5. I don’t understand your last paragraph. Are you saying the headliners would be cheap and they have lots of money to spend on the line up? Kanye would be ridiculously expense. Or are you saying the festival has tons of money to spend on the headliners? Because at the start you state Liam would be cheap. Regardless of that issue though, Kanye won’t headline Reading and Leeds. His demands would be massive alongside his fee. If he was to play a UK fest again my guess would be BST would be the one as the day will be curated around him and he’ll have far more input.
  6. No mate, as I said, they’re doing their own independent show. So like Slipknot are doing with their Knotfest, that type of thing.
  7. Looks like it’s defo happening as I was reading an article on NME the other day and Matt was saying they wouldn’t be playing Glastonbury this year as they were working on their own independent gig. So I’d say it’s going to happen but I don’t know any details.
  8. Come again? ”If” Jay Z could draw a crowd? “IF”??? The man is considered the greatest rapper alive and the king of the game by the US scene he comes from. Other than Kanye there is nobody on that level in terms of respect and reverence. ”If” Jay Z could draw a crowd...starting to really question the level of people’s knowledge of music on these boards reading this thread.
  9. Pop to one of those Rewind festivals then, I’d rather see new music please.
  10. The 90’s called, they want their festival back.
  11. Bro, pop punk died 10 years ago get with the times 😜
  12. I’d be gutted to miss Gerry but that Leeds Sunday would be INCREDIBLE
  13. The Elland Road gig wasn’t strictly speaking their gig but a community gig celebrating Leeds United centenary.
  14. Yes please!!!! Same day as BMTH and not clashing with them please! Sadly will likely be same day as Liam though if the Skepta predictions are true, which I think they will be.
  15. Bro, I’ve it a rest. MCR are NOT playing
  16. How successful she is isn’t really the arguement here, it’s the fact that an artist of her ilk isn’t going to headline a festival like Reading and Leeds. She could headline BST and probably Glastonbury but she will not ever headline a festival with the demographic of Reading and Leeds. Regardless of how much she sells. For example, Beyonce/Taylor Swift are huge and play their own stadium tours but neither will headline Reading or Leeds.
  17. That’s not the impression I get. They may do two stand alone gigs rather than a tour, one gig is Global Citizen the other could be any time at the the Royal Albert Hall. Doesn’t have to be at the same time. The fact the 28th March doesn’t have a headliner yet for Teenage Cancer Trust suggests me that that’s when Muse will play.
  18. That’s my point, what you THINK would be a great booking and what will ACTUALLY happen is different. Subjectively they will not headline if you look at the evidence pal, much as I think they deserve it. Same as MCR as much you talked about it. We knew they had their own show so they were never really in the mix.
  19. Due to their placing at various festivals this year it doesn’t seem likely pal. I think they’d be entirely deserving with their output but subjectively no one headlining a festival like Neighbourhood is going to co headline Reading/Leeds.
  20. No way are Foals headlining. They are subbing TRNSMT and headlining small (in comparison to Reading/Leeds) festivals this year.
  21. OMFin G! Thank you so much for sharing! Massive Muse fan and recently lost my dad to cancer so I’d love to go to that gig, I know my dad wasn’t a teenager obvs but would still be quite emosh to go to a gig of my fave band and for that cause.
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