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  1. And then again Johnny Marr is also on in Sheffield that weekend and he played with New Order when they last played at Jodrell Bank!?!? There's nothing quite like a good festival rumour, and this is nothing like a good festival rumour! ?
  2. "Could it be Doves. Sure they’ve tweeted about this and yet never been announced. Secret set due to Global commitments?" They're headlining Tramlines in Sheffield that night so its a good shout !
  3. That's great until the system goes t1ts up!!
  4. This was our breakfast!!
  5. Are you sure you should be driving?!?! ?
  6. Did you notice the request at the bottom of the email for artists to apply to play!?! Sounds like they're still trying to fill the line up.
  7. See my previous post for the answer!!
  8. The campervan field is marked and you're guided to your pitch by the stewards. The field wasn't full last year so if you ask nicely they may let you set up in the area that doesn't fill up.
  9. I'm not sure if it sold out. I just remember feeling a bit peeved seeing them for sale and I'd bought them for full price! This year we've bought a campervan ticket and I want to get the weekend tickets second hand. Though I'm in dispute with my wife who wants to get them now so she knows she's got them. We can all guess what will happen!!
  10. If it's like last year you'll get tickets for half price on Twickets.
  11. Another solid line up IMO. Great headliners and plenty I'm not familiar with so looking forward to getting some new music.
  12. I'm firmly in The Prodigy camp. They've moved on a lot from Charlie and Smacking Their Bitch Up!! The new album is well worth a listen! My other hopefuls would be Richard Ashcroft and I Portugal.
  13. Oh you mean taking to your tent/ yurt when you get there? I've never been asked at that point in the last three years. We're in a camper and have crates if beer, wine, spirits and cider!! It'll be fine :0)
  14. Security isn't too bad in the main arena. If you've a bag they'll search it otherwise you can just walk through. In the village it's less strict still. The idea of the booze limit is for the campsite and they expect you to buy from the bars!
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