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  1. To be honest I’d usually be first in the queue to complain about the kids but actually we thought the EOTR kids this year were some of the nicest we’ve seen at a festival in years and we kind of liked having them around (must be unwell ?) One thing I would criticise are the dads who took fairly young kids into mosh pits on their shoulders. Clearly it’s up to them if they want to drop their kid or risk them getting a boot in the head but have they considered they might be spoiling it for everyone else given that I suspect most people in a mosh who spotted a kid would hold back for these very reasons.
  2. Yes saw the two parrots in the tree by the entrance to the garden stage.
  3. Overall a great festival with some outstanding sets We actually love the big top and that middle of the night feel all day - the crowd control aspect is a plus for us as similar tents at other festivals (Green Man & Latitude for example) have on occasion become dangerously overcrowded. We hate the Garden stage to the point where we avoid if possible - this is down to the chatterers, picnickers and cocktail set. Really ruins the music. Tipi Tent - love the tent but just take the bar out as it completely ruins quiet sets with the chatting & ordering. Like others there seemed to us that there were more “need to be insta’d at a festie” people this year.
  4. Now that’s commitment. Love to see BSP play a secret set.
  5. Yup the Black Keys 2014 appearance was awful. Glad we bailed early on for Lykke Li.
  6. unexpected highlight goes to Radio Science Orchestra who were simply sublime This ^^^. I’d like to vote the Theremin player the coolest dude at the festival.
  7. Ah that’s great - thanks for making the effort to get it done.
  8. First time at Bluedot for us this year - looking forward to it. I’ve noticed there’s an incomplete clashfinder up - if this doesn’t get done does the Bluedot do the usual festival thing of having a £15-ish programme that you never read except for the Clashfinder? Deperate to start planning out our weekend of music and weeping over any clashes.......
  9. Vamagus


    Have to say Jesus & Mary Chain in a downpour was one our special moments - almost apocalyptic. Main issue with the rain is not being able to get in the tipi tent to see bands due to the “shelter from the rain brigade” - most frustrating.
  10. Hmmm yeah - Kendal Calling and kids. Depends how old they are I guess. We did KC in 2015 (liked the line up more than Latitude that year) and it was a lot of fun. However that was the year with a drug related death and half a dozen others being hospitalised. It seemed to be two festivals - a slightly boozey day / evening festival and a drug fuelled teen night rave. The day was ok though we saw people being openly offered drugs and taking them (and not just a bit of weed either). However you could ignore this. However the nights apparently got a bit wild (didn't see it personally as we're too old for that sort of thing) and I gather camping nearer the arena got a bit iffy at times. So if they are young kids, you camp in family area and you don't go to the late night stuff you'd probably be ok. We go to a couple of festivals each year and KC was the "edgeist" we've attended. That said was a lot of fun.
  11. Obviously all the following is my opinion and others will feel differently. Also we're regular attendees at both Latitude and a variety of other festivals (we try to do 3 or so each year) so I'd like to think I have a wider perspective. Firstly I'd say Saturday at Latitude is never indicative of the other two days - on fact we generally dislike the Saturday compared to Fri / Sun. Basically the Saturday tends to be more "mainstream" than the other 2 days (and imho less interesting) and is full of day ticket holders which broadly means gangs of teenagers who can be a pain in the backside on occasion and a lot more alcohol being consumed which means it can get a bit lairy. (to be fair most of the day ticket holders seem lovely but there tends to be a bit more grief on Saturday though we are talking Latitude rather than T In The Park so it's more entitled behaviour than physical violence) As for the whole GOTR thing. If you check out the "other forum" you'll see most of the old timers (some of whom have attended Latitude since the beginning) hated it - some to the point of not attending at all this year. (It's also garnered mixed reviews in the mainstream press) The whole idea of M&S taking over an entire day seems to have meant a lack of musical choice (basically if you don't like the same stuff as M&S then you were screwed), the whole no one else on in the big tent at the same time as M&S was a disgrace and I could go on. in short it's a festival not an M&S Gig. Finally there is a feeling that in order to get M&S, a lot of the other budgets were slashed hence the reduction in the other arts and the increase in corporate branding. I don't know if it was a success or not but a lot of the old timers are awaiting next years announcements before deciding whether to attend rather than buying tickets as soon as they are on sale. So there's my view....
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