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  1. In the modern age, how are a band like Royal Blood supposed to get to headline level without the push from festivals and the media? they’ve had 3 number one albums in a row. Surely it’s a bit of give and take from both sides and now time for festivals to take the punt.
  2. what’s mad to me is that because of the love/hate reaction to 1975 headlining, Hardly anyone outside of this forum is speaking about the fact that there’s a huge Maneskin sized hole now in the line up. why wouldn’t they announce Jamie T/Libs at the same time? It’s clear there’s a secret set if nothings announced… Why bother from festival republics POV??
  3. There’s been some seriously blinding hot takes on here today. my two highlights were: the Metal guy calling everyone pussies and bootlickers + whoever made the comment “Reading wouldn’t touch 1975 before 2014”.. they played the festival republic stage in 2013
  4. Good point. Replace Paramore with maybe.. Doja Cat or.. randl will mix it up and get Eminem back for the 3rd time in 10 years. only reason for dropping paramore is they’re the ones who haven’t done a big comeback tour yet. Will probably have their own dates first based on their last album release tour
  5. 1975, P!ATD MCR, Kasabian Kendrick, Paramore cant see Two door getting the bump up. And is Lil nas x relevant enough with the RandL crowd? I’m not sure. He’s massively popular, mind
  6. Whole point was on them not selling out London festivals, to which the comparison came in.. i read it as [the reason why Sabbath had to sell at £2.50] was because they were booked for sonisphere
  7. I’m banging on about catfish, but if you want to go down that route.. they’ve played multiple large arena tours, and played at just about every mid sized festival in their genre. As someone else pointed out, 3 London outdoor shows in the years running I don’t think I remember many rock acts selling out massive parks since around the time that BST started. I remember the Who doing it, and The Strokes doing it at APE.
  8. Again, Black sabbath were free and £2.50. I’m sure it happened with a few other huge bands at BST. Neil Young and Arcade Fire after a quick google search. Not sure if it happened any other years. im not saying Catfish are huge. Just noting how cherry picked some of the comments are towards Catfish.
  9. Tickets were being given away for Black sabbath in London.. with a very stacked undercard.. London festivals are hard to sell out, especially when they’re new brands like Citadel or All points east. Let’s not use that as a reason to shit on a band. also, I went to Catfish @ Citadel and don’t remember tickets even being given out for that one.
  10. Subjective I like full days at Slam dunk and full days (almost) at Reading and I only really watch the rock acts. Most of Friday and Sunday was stacked this year at RandL I think I remember circa 2018, Reading day tickets were lowered to £70~75. Not sure what they are these days. just seen Slam dunks 2022 pricing structure, and a full ticket is £75 raising ticket £85 after early bird. (Probs without fees). it just leaves a bit of a sour taste in my mouth, paying that kindve money to see a band like All time low headline. Maybe it was fine 6 years ago when they were playing venues like the O2 arena.
  11. How long do we keep accepting bands the size of sum 41 and All time low before the price gets too much? slam dunk need to step it up. Day ticket is the same price as a major festival now
  12. Like others I’d much rather a hybrid between R&L and Download some of the metal oriented suggestions here are too download esq for me. (Been to download a few times) id like to see a complete mix up between the indie, metal etc that we get at both festivals.
  13. Second this. campsites we’re filled with c**ts this year. Launching anything and everything, and jumping into tents we usually leave Monday morning, but we’ve headed off tonight because of how unsafe the atmosphere feels
  14. That’s really odd. Had a 49minute call to it yesterday afternoon.
  15. I used 0161 217 8516. Was a ballache to find that. Unsure why it’s so hidden from their website. got my barcodes sorted within 24hrs of calling.
  16. Sorry I didn’t make clear, I meant from a reunion ticket demand POV beatles = impossible for obvious reasons. People still see Macca but I wouldn’t say he’s that “in demand” amongst young population Led zep.. I’ll give you that. Reunion would be huge. Though again. I don’t know a single person under the age of 30 who would care Stones = been and done, still actively touring, not that hard to get tickets did chuckle at the suggestion of the smiths being bigger than oasis though. Maybe in the north. I’m unsure.
  17. Agreed, but oasis are on another level to any British band ever, I’d say. I can’t think of a bigger reunion show/tour? Surely the most in demand tickets ever?
  18. Really think you’re underselling LGs popularity here pulls big crowds wherever he plays
  19. They’re not breaking up. Would’ve been removed from the lineup in the last announcement.. thought this was clear when RandL retweeted Catfishs announcement that they were the headliner
  20. Ticket limit of 4, I bought 6 as we do most years.. seems stricter this year
  21. I reckon so. Seems like they’re being tighter against touts this year I had 6 tickets and they cancelled 2 of them last night.. I’ve never had that for Reading before. Put 2 of my mates right in the shit
  22. If it’s tomorrow as a few people are suggesting, surely there’s a pre announcement coming today
  23. Haha at least when pubs/festivals etc open, we’ll have a blurry memory for different reasons!
  24. Not sure I follow - they weren’t headliners at reading ‘20?
  25. Headliners different. Surely CATB won’t do this now they’ve been given the Reading slot
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