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  1. Oh no.... this is going to spark the 'names for bread' debate...
  2. The effort, subtlety, and spot-on-ed-ness of this graph deserves more credit As an aside, Kit-Kats remind me of picnic tables.
  3. I've never had particularly prompt service at Pizza Express On the subject of weird food ticks... I open crisp packets upside-down, mostly just to annoy people. Really drives some crazy.
  4. Hmmm, I can't remember the last time I had a plain hamburger.... 🤔
  5. I used to eat cheeseburgers in a spiral from the outside in
  6. I don't think debate changes people's minds anywhere near as often as experience does, but you still have to be open to it. To me Glasto has such a great "we're all in it together" vibe that I really hope other people also see and enjoy. Whether that leads to more left leaning ideas, i dunno...
  7. pahqman

    Queue Times

    2015 - arrived around 1430 by coach to gate A - no queue to get in - no issue getting a space for the tent in River Mead 2017 - arrived around 1000 by car to gate A (parked in pink 54) - queued for 2.5-3 hours - loads of space in Pylon 2019 - arrived around 1500 by car to gate A (parked in pink 57) - no queue to get in - loads of space in Pylon There were signs saying to go to Gate D (due to earlier issues as noted) but we figured we'd chance it at A and walked right in. 2017 was my first time driving and I was assuming getting there later meant longer queues. It is most definitely the opposite. I'd not rush to get there in the morning unless you really, really want a certain spot.
  8. Or get their food from the collection side and move approximately 6 inches to the left with their group to eat
  9. Seen many a dead fold-away trolleys on the walks in. Some not even out of the field the person parked in. Not worth trying in my opinion...
  10. I dig it. A lot found it to be underwhelming last year but I think that it's meant to be a spot that you just dip through once or twice over the weekend. If people were meant to spend hours there loads of people wouldn't get to see it.
  11. Fresh and black pros: -Pretty cheap. -Really good at keeping the heat down due to reflective top layer (I slept until 11-12ish each day this last festival, and it wasn't baking when I got up) -Pretty good at being dark (not full-full blackout but I don't see that as an issue - it's dark enough) cons: -Instructions for setup suck, but aren't impossible. -Air flow could be better (there was only one zippered "window" on my model.) I bought the 3-man F&B last year and will be taking it back this year
  12. 1) 39, 40 during the fest 2) Dianna Ross, Pet Shop Boys and Aerosmith for the confirmed/TBC/SRs 3) Alive: Pearl Jam ( ), Depeche Mode, Daft Punk, RATM, NIN, Tool Not so alive: Bowie/Prince teamup or one leading into the other, Beastie Boys, Pink Floyd Side note - It's so damn weird that my high school days are potentially of being replayed in huge concerts, and not even as 'classic' acts yet...
  13. Prediction for the festival forum: Any topic that goes past page 1 will start a pointless argument sometime thereafter...
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