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  1. Me again..... I've been reading through forum posts and I am a bit confused about access to the festival site from the east camper van field, I had assumed (probably wrongly) that access would be for those staying in the camper van field but reading around it sounds like all other Glastonbury goers use the same entrance? We are arriving late Tuesday, but will the queue to get in and out of the festival always be big because we are all using the same entrance? Is it that, once most people are in and camping that they then won't really use the entrance until the end of the festival to go home? So, Wed/Thurs the queues will be longer but after that much smaller? Thanks again!
  2. First timer going in a camper van too, we are heading up after work on Tuesday but I think its approx a 4.5 hour drive, not expecting to be there until midnight or early morning but hopefully we will avoid queue this way?!? Whats everyone's thoughts?
  3. Thanks guys, so glad that the case, big vodka shop taking place this weekend!!
  4. I'm really showing my lack of knowledge here but this questions quite an important one so I want to make sure my understanding is correct..... Is it ok to take alcohol into the festival? I.e., if I have a plastic bottle of vodka in my rucksack and it's checked I'm ok to take that in? Obviously if we can take vodka in we'll be buying more in advance to save money. I'm just aware that all all other festivals I've been to you have to buy your drinks in the festival! Sorry for yet another newbie question - just seeking clarity after confusion and uncertainty in our group! thanks again!
  5. Thanks! One more question, can you take alcohol in the festival in a plastic bottle? I'm thinking vodka and a mixer? We are trying to figure out how much vodka to take between 4 of us, we are thinking 10 litres but that feels like a lot, especially if you can't take any into the festival. what are drinks prices like inside, does anyone have a price list from last year or rough prices to share?
  6. Hi All! We are planning on travelling down in our camper van after work on Tuesday night but I wanted to check you can get in at any time? We want to get there as early as possible but thereis a chance it might not be until 11pm..... will we still be able to get in to the camper van field at that time? Also, on the wednesday, is there anything going on at all or any food or will we be better off bringing food for Wednesday? Sorry for all the questions but I think I read somewhere about exchanging tickets or something but then other comments about carrying your tickets around with you for the full festival - can someone clarify please? Really excited now, so glad we are in the camper van which should hopefully make the experience more comfortable! Thanks for all of your help on this thread, its been really useful!
  7. Hi guys, I ended up ordering a ticket direct through FIB. I just didnt fancy the risk and I could afford to pay £80+ and then have to pay out again when I got there if there was an issue. Maybe i'll be brave enough to use ticketswap in the future!
  8. I did notice this but I wasn't sure whether they would be trust worthy? I know its unlikely to get a fake/counterfeit but I cant imagine anything more annoying than going to all the trouble of getting to Benicassim and then finding out my ticket wasn't legit!
  9. Hi All I am hoping someone can put my mind at rest so I can by the correct (and cheapest) ticket available for Benicassim. There are no longer any 4 day tickets without camping available and a combination of a none camping 3 day ticket (130euro) plus an individual non camping day ticket for either the Thursday or the Sunday to make up a 4 day non camping ticket (50euro) comes to a total of 180euro, What I don't understand is that there are 4 day camping tickets available for 149euro which is obviously cheaper. What I want to know is will I be able to come and go from the festival like my friends with non camping tickets? I assume you can but I don't want to be stuck with a camping ticket that doesn't let me come and go with the people I am attending with..... I'm also not planning on camping. Hopefully someone can clarify for me. Mark
  10. Wow, thank you for all the replies. There's some information that I had picked up on from reading other posts on the forum but certainly some things I hadn't. I'll use this page as a reference tool and ask any further questions near the time. Good to know about food, I think we had planned on bringing food to cook but sounds like that's a bad idea!! Looking forward to the whole thing done a few festivals in the UK before Creamfields, Lost Village and then went to Sziget two years ago which was great. I am hoping Glastonbury is on another level although Sziget will take a bit of beating! Feel free to post any more useful info. Mark
  11. Hi Everyone. Myself and 3 friends have tickets for Glastonbury and have also managed to get ticket in the east camper van area. None of us have ever been in a camper van (unsure if the correct term is actually motor home?) and we've never been to Glastonbury either! I know this is quite an open question but does anyone have any good advice regarding the camper van in relation to Glastobury? I'm thinking of "to do's'" and "not to do's"? I am sure there are going to be things that we wont give any thought to which might make our stay better so just wanted to through it out here for some general advice which I am sure will lead to more questions for myself - apologies! Thanks - Mark
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