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  1. 1. Frank Turner (Avalon) 2.The Dead South (Avalon) 3.Lizzo
  2. Hi all, To get over by post glastonbury blues I'm heading to 2000 trees for the first time next weekend. I'm going solo so just looking for any tips for the festival or bands worth checking out? The only bands on the line up that I'm already a fan of are Frank Turner, Flogging Molly and Skinny lister but saw Jamie lenman and Haggard cat at glasto and they were both fantastic. Cheers.
  3. Hovis

    Emotional moments

    I was stood next to the couple who got up and danced with Jamie, and seeing the bloke crying as Jamie was speaking about his wife got me. But hands down most emotional for me had to be the Scott Hutchinson tribute in the trees above the stone circle on Thursday featuring a couple FR songs by Frank Turner. It all got a bit much.
  4. Hovis

    Real Ale

    Went there in 2015, I was 26. It Was 4 AM Sunday morning and I trecked up to the top of the hill to get a pint and watch the sunrise only for them to ask for my ID which was safely tucked away in the lock ups. It's the only time I had and have been asked for ID at glasto. While technically they were doing there job I'm still a bit bitter...
  5. Just gave this a listen, they sound great and as it turns out are local to me too. Added to the list Thank you.
  6. Hovis

    CD Swap 2019

    Yes please, been waiting for this, loved how each CD I got last time could have been for different festivals.
  7. Hovis

    2019 New Music

    Never really listened to Don bonco before, loving this though. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  8. Laptop on chrome instantly went to error page and never made it to the holding page. Managed to get through on my phone at 9.20 put in reg details but then it went to error page, managed to use the back button on my phone to get back to registration page and then got to payment page entered bank details and ticked all the ticky boxes and pressed proceed to payment, nothing happened, pressed it ten more times over a minute and then at 9.25 got to the successful payment screen. Plus out of our group of six it was only me and my girlfriend trying. Feeling very happy and incredibly lucky today.
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