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  1. glasshousebill

    Predictions for 2018

    http://motifri.com/patrick-stickles/ RD:Festival season is steadily approaching so after this current tour, what does Titus Andronicus have planned next? Is the band going to be jumping on some festivals this summer? PS: We’re not playing any festivals at all, haven’t gotten any invitations. RD: That’s a bummer. PS: Eh, well it would be nice to have the pay day from those things, but the truth is we’re doing the acoustic show this year with just myself and Alex Molini on piano. In this case, it wouldn’t be appropriate for a big outdoor summertime festival. I will say that we’re playing the Treefort Music Fest in Boise, Idaho, later in the month but that’s not a big outdoor thing with a big stage. It’s more like a SXSW kind of a thing where the festival takes over all the clubs in town and puts on shows every night, which I think is more appropriate for the acoustic show that we’re going to be doing. I’m not mad though, we’ve gotten to play some big festivals in the past so I can scratch that off the list. I’m not lamenting it too much although the money would be nice.
  2. glasshousebill

    Predictions for 2018

    Doing the rounds... Grizzly Bear? Deerhunter?
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  4. glasshousebill

    You get 10 bands and 10 bands only

    lucinda williams father john misty moonlandingz courtney marie andrews julia jacklin michael chapman hmltd margaret glaspy aldous harding nadine shah
  5. @SallyBayley1 EOTR Fest was better for you being there. Thanks for the insight in to private writings

  6. time to hit the trail once more.. with the MLD tarp weighing just 800grams https://t.co/QAA8OA5chV

  7. glasshousebill

    Neil Young

    bumped... he could still play Glastonbury .. there's room in his Euro tour schedule. Many big acts still to be announced?
  8. @KandaceSprings respect to Kandace for a beautiful support set tonight in old Poole town. Thankyou xxx

  9. Hi Steve, please add me to your whatsapp solo campers group for 2016. I noticed the age group listed previously as from 20 to 40 ... well holy crap I'm 55! Ye gads!! GlasshouseBill

    1. Beerqueen


      Hey glad to see that - I'm 54!

  10. 'Twas the night before Christmas https://t.co/2eu43ATXD5

  11. glasshousebill

    Neil Young

    Some say he's touring his best show in years. Here in June. Oooooh yes please!
  12. @Morebusco 55 minutes to get to work dorchester rd to ashley cross crazy where did all the buses go!!!

  13. selfie time! https://t.co/22ThUiXKIi

  14. Purple Haze Peppers Pickled Perfect! https://t.co/XFYJRlD6Jo