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  1. I will definitely be looking at Boomtown if I miss out on resale, a unique festival where you can get involved as little or as much as you wish. Gorgeous place, and the set up is impressive. My group are also looking at Green man and blue dot, always fancied these two. Someone mentioned black deer, it's a nice one...small but a good vibe.
  2. 3 full groups, no luck this year and we did have everyone trying. I think only 2 of us got a sniff at the detail page, but it had sold out by the time we had entered all info.
  3. Yea I guess your right on that aspect, when all said and done I don't really know then what the festival can do to make it any better. Good luck all In the resale.
  4. Apologies if this has already been covered, I haven't read back through the thread. I still think Glastonbury is a little dated when it comes to ticketing. I think they should adopt the same system as many other festivals, where you are able to reassign tickets x amount of times, understandably to someone who is already registered. That alone would alleviate pressure on ticket day, as it is always likely we will know someone that can't make it for one reason or another, and they could have a cut off point for reassigning. Perhaps Glastonbury wouldn't want to deal with the added admin side, but it works well for other festivals. And yea, our whole group missed out this year, so this Monday is a little tougher than usual!
  5. Exactly crazyfool, and if all else does fail this time round, I will definitely work the festival again. Was hoping to be at Boomtown right now, but didn't manage to ge the time off.
  6. Busy telling people that have never been before, that it's an awful experience, camping sucks, toilets are disgusting, overcrowded, and not to bother trying for tickets.... as we have had some decent weather the last few years and it will lash it down next! May put some off, every little helps!
  7. Can anyone help me with the line up at the roadhouse on Sat? Some awesome bands played, but can't find full listings on the website?
  8. joeltg

    Camp Fires

    This thread just made me realise, I didn't see any on site this year? None up at the peace garden in stone circle, or any dotted around...perhaps I just missed them.
  9. Not met, but shook his hand one year when he came into the underground piano bar. We then sang happy birthday to him, and he sang a traditional Elvis number. Was quite a moment!
  10. This year our group was the most diverse in terms of age we have eve had, 22 up to 66. The youngest were the newbies who have added to the growing group, and we all had an amazing year. Am always impressed with how much ground the older generation cover, and I admire it. Life aim for me is to reach that, and still get around the site like those guys do. A festival where age just doesn't mean a thing, if you can do it, go with it!
  11. joeltg

    Emotional moments

    Losing Worthy FM 20 mins ago
  12. After taking another look this afternoon, there are a few I want to see. The Cure, Tame, Chemical bros, Interpol, and Kate Tempest. I love my music, but at the same time though, it's always about so much more than the line up. Just happy to be going again. I have never been to a Glastonbury yet, where I have followed the plan. Take a ramble, get lost, escape society, and soak up as much as you can Not long now!
  13. What a mental festival! Was my first year, and was truly blown away by the whole set up. Unique, creative, and completely different to anything I have experienced. I mean, the attention to detail was something else. Easy to get fully immersed at Boomtown, bring on Chapter 11. Although my heads still spinning so need the years break to be prepared for it! 😂 Hope everyone had a great year!
  14. I really hope not. I guess being my first time for Boomtown, I won't notice the difference, but I do like to spend alot of time round the smaller venues.
  15. Booked up for Boomtown this year. Never been so looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about, really looking forward to not knowing anything atall really about it. Considering Bearded Theory as well if finances permit, so would be two new festivals to check out. Now to think of something over that June weekend, as I really will miss it this year. Come to think of it, I already miss the build up buzz and anticipation of it all.
  16. Thanks Pilton, Will defintely be up for that.
  17. Morning guys and girls, I haven't really been on since Glastonbury...thought it was about time to talk about festivals again! Have just secured tickets, primarily due to no Glastonbury next year. Know very little about Boomtown, other than people rate it highly. I love folk music, so hoping some of that...with some comedy and theatre chucked in. Looking forward to it. As I am currently going solo, do any of you have a efests meet up at Boomtown? Be nice to meet some of you.
  18. Watch it Fuzzy. One of the very best comedies in the last decade, if not the best. It will help beat the Glasto blues too.
  19. So many contrasting forecasts as always, so I am going to avoid weather reports now and pack walking boots and trainers, what will be will be.
  20. I find them great for storage on the way in too
  21. joeltg

    Secret resales 2015

    Now stock up on twix's and your good to go!
  22. Glastonbury Weather Added : 4 hours ago Glastonbury 2017 is fast approaching and this year the world-famous festival runs from June 21st until June 25th down on the Somerset Levels. Amongst the headline acts scheduled for this year are Katy Perry, Radiohead, Foo Fighters and Ed Sheeran so with around 135,000 people expected to descend on the site in a couple of weeks time all eyes will be on the weather forecasts. In years gone by images of people wallowing around in mud seem to have been commonplace but could this year be different? So far the signs haven't been great with June getting off to a cool, unsettled and windy start as the traditional European Monsoon season got under way, but as we head towards mid-month and beyond there are growing signs from the numerical model output of high pressure beginning to take more of a foothold. There is some uncertainty over where this high may be centred, but a location close to the southwest of the UK is favoured at the moment which is promising news for Glastonbury. Taken directly from the Metcheck site, apologies if already posted.
  23. Having had a look at a few different weather forecasts this morning, it seems most are in agreement that the next few days will bring some rain, but after that, looking quite dry leading up to the end of next week. So as long as we don't see heavy rain the few days before the festival, definitely looking much better than last year.
  24. June 2017 : Cool, Showery But Improving Issued : May 25 2017 Forecast The European monsoon is expected to affect the British Isles this June with some cooler, wet and windy weather for the start of the month. A further period of unsettled weather is expected around mid month with the final wave towards the end. Inter-dispersed within these periods we expect the Azores high to continue to build and bring drier weather across Southern parts of the UK. Some heavy, slow moving thunderstorms could affect parts of the South at the start of the month as sluggish weather patterns continue to affect Western Europe. However, a more mobile weather pattern should develop throughout June affecting all parts of the UK initially, but later in the month affecting mostly Northwestern areas. The above is from the Metcheck, I haven't seen any other reports suggesting the above though. Overall not concerned about the weather, no matter what it will always be the the best week ever and we will all have a blast!
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