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  1. Thats fair, theres also a hell of a lot of younger people who woprk in hospitality who have not been double jabbed that are worried....
  2. For me they are taking a massive fucking risk, however calculated they think it is. There is a hell of a lot of people still not vaccinated and as you say, we will certainly know well enough by October/November if it's paid off. I'm on the fence, but I think getting rid of things like masks on public transport and working from home, is stupid and pushing things out when not needed.
  3. I anticipate the level of chest beating and 'getting one over the EU' to ramp up beyond paltaple levels leading into this Sunday and if we win. Personally, I cannot be assed with a summer of that shite.
  4. Is that true? Never seen that reported anywhere....
  5. I'd say it's likely linked to the fact taht men are more prone to 'risk taking' than women. Same reason more men get caught speeding etc.
  6. As an outsider looking in (Australian/Brit National) - Australia is in a really weird spot now. They were really the 'envy' of the world last year, but the vaccine roll out has been shit and it's really not clear what the exit plan from the whole strategy is. I for one will not be travelling back to visit family this year, if they still insist I quarantine for 2 weeks on arrival (even after double jab). @kalifirecan probably answer it better than me anyway as he is based there, but currently you cannot even leave the country without an exemption (unless you are normally based overseas). If they start losing events like the Australian open (because players won't quarantine), then I think the natives will start to get pretty restless.
  7. Yeah, I think the reasons a few of them give me for not getting it just seem to get more and more nutty each time. Personally, I don't think a lot of the people who are 'anti vax' actually deep down believe some of the stuff they come out with. They just seem ill informed.
  8. Good stuff mate! You based in Frome or Melbourne currently? I know quite a few people from Frome, they are all pretty anti vax....
  9. Yeah I pretty much agree with everything here. I really feel for those people who are working in sectors like hospitality and retail and being given absolutely fuck all protection.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/jul/07/england-covid-reopening-plan-dangerous-experiment-ministers-told Dr Jacky Davis, an NHS consultant radiologist, said: “In going for what looks like hybrid herd immunity, which was what this government went for in first place and then was slapped down, they are conducting a very dangerous experiment. “We’re concerned about the future of young people and their education as it may be that it will have serious repercussions on their health going forward. It seems very dangerous when it could be stopped by something as minimal as wearing a mask and a degree of social distancing. The government has put all its eggs in the vaccine basket.”
  11. For anyone interested, this was a really good article on how to save the clubbing scene and thoughts on the 'march' a few weeks ago. Seems to be a bit of a divide in the clubbing community on that event, particularly as it was made up by quite a lot of far right antagonists. https://www.attackmagazine.com/features/long-read/how-are-we-actually-going-to-save-our-scene/?_thumbnail_id=96942&fbclid=IwAR1nuVBrP9eFclBEQvNWlLbUXVDiFOGKeS8PihBeIiQqCMzZ8JYtc8gbUSc
  12. If theres anything I've been able to take away from his posts - is that he ain't a 'shy tory'. Reckon he's got Johnson cut outs in his window.
  13. LOL Assuming what anyones 'thinking' based on messages on a public forum is idiotic.
  14. Vallance and Witty can say that publically, but privatley they will know more than anyone they are taking a risk here (however calculated) on reopening before a lot of people have been double jabbed. We will know in a few months if it has paid off or not - lets hope it does....
  15. Yeah agreed, the good news is most progressive companys allowing people to make their own minds up on what they do RE WFH.
  16. I don't think so no, if our cases go rampant (which they will) I expect that we will be on a red list for most countries, double jab or not. Quite a few of the ratlickers gonna be in for a surprise.
  17. Personally, still think it's fucking reckless when 50% of the population are not fully vaccinated. This proper opening could have been pushed back to August once we had everyone done - but hey ho I guess. Almost pre empting down votes from certain ividduals to this post.
  18. Was chatting to a girl yesterday who was working for WOMAD and was workin for Glasto. She had a pretty level headed approach to the situation, but yeah her position was that it's going to be almost impossible for most festivals to go ahead this year unless they are a 'test event'. Restrictions aside, it's impossible to get the people in who build the sites at this late stage and within the industry it sounds like there is still a lot of unclarity about how things look next year. The test events like 'Latitude' do sound like they've been hand picked through back handers - which is harsh. Looking forward to next year and heart goes out to anyone in the industry.
  19. Geuinely cannot be assed for the most part shopping at retail these days. Who can be assed marching around for stuff and then they never end up having what you need? Always feels like a total waste of time.
  20. Agreed, that feels like an almost Brazil/China style approach to reporting. We need more transparency from government not less. Playing 'lets pretend' just seems bizzare.
  21. In my years of visiting this website, I totally forgot it had other uses outside of the forums...... 🤣
  22. hahahaha The weather over here feels more unpredictable than London, i've learnt that in my first few months. But still, I expected a bit more sun and a bit less fog....
  23. Is there a website to have a browse or has anyone got a list of which festivals are actually left standing at this point? Would be good to see whats actually still a possibility..... For the most part of set my eyes on next summer.
  24. May was absolutely freezing, we had hail and storms for the first half of it. Hopefully we get a bit of difference next year when festival season comes back full swing.
  25. Thunderstorms forecast for Saturday and Sunday ffs.....
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