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  1. It makes little difference, we still have 50% of the population not jully jabbed. Expecting a totally different outcome to what happened in the Nethelands (due to a 10% difference) is naive. Our cases will be through the roof next week after the clubs open and thats clear as day.
  2. What exactly are you moaning about? We are moving ahead with most if not all restrictions lifted, still with huge case numbers. Which specific elements of 'freedom day' aren't up to you loft standards?
  3. The clubbing industry was really struggling pre covid for a number of years - but with very few festivals on this year and after such a long time being closed, I would expect that within the younger generation they are going to see a huge surge in business. On a personal level I'm looking forward to getting to one, but i won't be going until I've had at least mu second jab. They are petri dishes at the best of times, let alone now.
  4. Good, seems like some sanity is starting to prevail.
  5. I know a few people that went and punters were trying to pinch tickets as well as tailgate people through the gates. Some of these little shits deserved to be smacked across the face to be honest.
  7. What a nob you are 🤣🤣
  8. Sorry to hear that mate, hope you make a quick recovery! The scenes on Wembley way we're a total disgrace over the weekend. Makes me feel little sympathy for the loss.
  9. The nightclub industry is going to have to like it or lump it imo, particularly as winter comes round.
  10. Im not at an at risk group, I'm 32 and pretty fit. But nearly every single one of my mates who have had it and were aware of it, have had pretty nasty symptoms for a few weeks.
  11. Well said. The vaccine progream should have been finished for over 18's its as simple as that. We all want our lives back, I'm desperate to go to night clubs and bars again. But how the fuck am I supposed to safely enjoy it - when I've not had my second vaccination yet and we might have upwards of 100k cases a day? I'm essentially being told, tough shit and its your risk.
  12. So suddently after weeks opeople getting birated on here, for suggestingthat we shouldn't be rushing ahead with this - some of the people on this thread and apparently the government are now are also shitting the bed? This ain't looking good, you can bury your head in the sand as much as you want - but I think this has been a massive cock up personally. Led by that libertarian prick Javid.
  13. So fucking mandate it then.....
  14. So basically the government have bottled it and realised that this big bang approach probanly ain't such a good idea after all (which anyone with half a brain could have predicted) and they now want to shift the blame on the public again? They really are fucking pathetic.
  15. They seem to have flip flopped a hell of a lot on 'covid passports'. Somewhat sensible if they really want to go for this big bang and not have cases totally explode.
  16. I predict fucking chaos, the 100k+ cases a day doesn't seem like an underestimate at this point. Hope we've made the right call.......
  17. Staff being pulled away to deal with covid increases pressure on the rest of the staff so that's incorrect.
  18. Do feel for the NHS staff, they are probably feeling pretty drained as outlined in this article and concerned for the months ahead.... Whilst I am pretty confident that it won't get overwhelemed, we need to respect the fact these people are not robots. ‘Dread and anxiety’ among NHS staff as Covid cases surge again https://www.theguardian.com/society/2021/jul/09/dread-and-anxiety-among-nhs-staff-as-covid-cases-surge-again
  19. I don't think they care about getting ill, they are of the opinion your immune system will always win if your healthy. The other day one of them was telling me you can cure pnemonia with onions..... They always seem to be mostly white and middle class which is the ironic thing.
  20. Way to cherry pick a specific phrase from my post. You know exactly the point I'm making. If the olympics means so much to people, why have most of the Japanese population been against holding it for months now? Likely because priorities....
  21. I just think saying 'people don't give a shit' is a bit presumptious is all. You can have a level of awareness and concern, without resuilting to hysteria and also 'not giving a shit'. To me 'not giving a shit' indicates you are willing to infect other people and just be really careless. I don't know anyone like that, 20 or 30.
  22. It's not a disgrace at all. I'd say the public health of an entire nation (Japan) takes precedence over some clay pigeon shooters don't you? Have some perspective.
  23. Ah that old chestnut 'everyone I know this.....' Horses for courses, everyone I know around my age 'early 30's' has a sensible level of concern. Whats your point?
  24. Thats another economic factor I do feel people gloss over. What happens when half the company is out at the same time?
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