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  1. They should have finished the vaccine program and got more people over 20 double jabbed. End of story.
  2. We will be back at 100k plus cases by end of next week. This is going to go tits up and quickly. Anyone who doesn't think restrictions are going to be in place by end of summer is having a laugh. They've rushed this imo and should have waited.
  3. If we are at 100k + cases a day soon and I want to sociallise, then it's highly likely I'll catch it again in some capacity? I just think its funny that people are waving off large parts of society potentially being ill at the same time as 'fine'. It's the first time I've said capiche in probably 15 years, but felt appropriate at the time....
  4. I've had the flu once im my lifetime, I've already had COVID once and likely catch it again within the next few months. Considering the virus has been in the country for around 18 months, thats a significant difference. That's a big difference in how quickly it spreads, capiche? People who say 'oh its just the flu'. The flu is fucking shit and not something you want to catch on the regular. Unless we just want to live in a society where being pretty ill with flu like symptoms every few months is 'fine'....
  5. Most people I know who have recently caught the virus have had at least 1 jab and it's absolutely rocked them for a period of at least 2 weeks.
  6. bahahaha 'school girls' - everyday you reveal your age and voting type further and further.
  7. Based on the above, the vaccines appear to just protect you from death....
  8. Ah yes the old 'lets pretend' game, which conservatives have historically loved to do. 'Let's pretend humans are fucking up the environment and maybe it will get better?' I seriously cannot stand conservative thinking and there approach to resolving issues and rug sweeping.
  9. Still really boggles my mind that they didn't just 'encourage' WFH until the end of this year and look to review it at the start of 2022, along with masks.
  10. If theres one thing the last 16/17 months has taught me is that the general population of the country is full of a hell of a lot of thick dickheads.
  11. I'm sure if we bumped into each other in the green fields one year and had a pint, you'd find there mught be many things we agree on 🙂
  12. I don't blame them, they all deserve massive fucking pay rises.
  13. Nobody is righeous, but I just think it's disengenuous to use personal anecdotes like that and spin it as a way of telling the broader picture. FWIW I am not doubting your family members view, I'm just saying that there are also a lot of other people in the NHS who might say different.....
  14. And my best mate who is a doctor at the NHS says everyone is somewhat stressed and concerned about the months ahead. Honestly mate, your use of (somehow you have about 10 family members all in the NHS....) personal anecdotes are not a reflection of the broader picture.
  15. Masks and WFH should have stayed as a minimum, there was no need to get rid of them and was just fucking political noise.
  16. Agreed. Changes to our diets and how we travel/consume would need to happen if we are to make it I feel.
  17. Whats deemed normal is completely relative and evolves over time as well though. I'm not suggesting anything by this post either, but people also need to understand that what society deems as 'normal' now will not be 'normal' in 40 years. As a species we never stay stagnant and are constantly evolving, sometimes things like pandemics fast track certain new societal norms.
  18. No they won't back out of this now. The only possibility I see is that they open the flood gates over summer and if it gets really out of hand - we have to lockdown in some degree in late September / October.
  19. Yup, all the best mate. Most people I know who have caught it around my age recently (30's) have been totally rocked by it....
  20. Yeah agreed. I just think next week turns into a shit show and the tories are suddenly now realising that as well.
  21. To me it's always been not the masks themselves solely but the additional level of sensibility it installs in people. COVID is still absolutely circulating in massive numbers and I feel people should still behave in a way that reflects this to some degree. Removing masks indicates to people that it literally doesn't matter anymore, which is not the case.
  22. I feel like when the vaccines first started circulating they were heralded as the nail in the coffin and did in fact break transmission and your chances of catching it. Doesn't look to be the case now.
  23. It makes little difference, we still have 50% of the population not jully jabbed. Expecting a totally different outcome to what happened in the Nethelands (due to a 10% difference) is naive. Our cases will be through the roof next week after the clubs open and thats clear as day.
  24. What exactly are you moaning about? We are moving ahead with most if not all restrictions lifted, still with huge case numbers. Which specific elements of 'freedom day' aren't up to you loft standards?
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