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  1. 1. Confidence Man - by some distance imo and from what I can see they had the most engaged crowd of the weekend. Credit to them as well, as there is 0 filler with songs - they just keep rolling from tune to tune. 2. Kendrick 3. Foals
  2. I'm a massive hip hop head and have never been able to get into Kendrick, for some of the reasons you mentioned above. I also find his rapping/voice a little bit jarring at times. But enjoyed his performance last night. Anyway, you don't need to like everyone!
  3. Is this a sign of the times? In my experience a lot of people are just acting much more like self centred pricks these days and seem to have forgotten tyhat their actions impact those around them as well.
  4. Only saw what was broadcast but the stand outs for me were: Confidence Man Kendrick Lamar Foals
  5. Yeah never does, not sure how they don't realise this now....
  6. Stage looks pretty awesome to me and the choreography is great.
  7. Flicked on Bicep and looks like a special set as well.
  8. Very much enjoying this Kendrick set.
  9. Really rating Amyl and the Sniffers right now.
  10. I don't really understand the appeal of bringing a child that young to a festival like Glastonbury.
  11. People are on literally everything at glasto. I doubt this is the issue.
  12. I said on one of the threads the other day that over 200k people is too many and someone said "the more the merrier". Which is obviously total nonsense....
  13. Reading reports of overcrowding has killed any fomo I had to be honest.
  14. That's fine, a band or act killing it in one stage - doesn't mean they should headline automatic... Ive seen bands in clubs if ,500 people kill it. But they couldn't hold an audience of 100k.
  15. Yeah very strange tbh, people waste a huge amount of energy on who should or shouldn't be headlining ....
  16. Nah. I've seen her headline a few festivals and she stank up the joint. She isn't a "casual" friendly artist.
  17. You sound like a right myserbable bastsard.
  18. Keen to see how she handles this.
  19. If they had put them on an inside tent during the evening the roof would have come off. Great to see a couple of Aussie kids absolutely smahsing out the 90s vibe to a tee. Saw them play in Bristol recently and the live performances are something special. There's no break between tunes either.
  20. Con Man be hard to top this weekend imo in terms of pure fun.
  21. Confidence Man just bring so much energy, the transitions from one song straight into another are great. It's not the most complex of music but it's fun as hell. Their album is one of the highlights for me this year.
  22. Greentea Peng really good right now at West Holts. Her band are top notch.
  23. yeah tucking into a Thatchers slushiem, need to get the train into bloody London shortly though....
  24. As big as she is, Billie Eillish would have to be pretty nervous right now. Youngest ever Pyramid Headliner.
  25. Greentea Peng had to cancel her tour earlier this year for cost reasons, so it's already happening and I wouldn't even call her 'small'...
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