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  1. 21/06/17 - I woke up this morning fully packed but completely ticketless. I hadn't been able to get into any volunteering gigs, no secret sales and the very obvious scam workers ticket I paid £40 turned out to be a very obvious scam. But yet, I still had hope. At 11am I got a phone call off one of the volunteering organisations I had signed up for, they had some drop outs so would I be willing to pay my deposit and make my way down to the site? Abso-bloody-lutely. A quick phone call to explain to Mrs Kinky that I won't be home when she gets back from work and a nauseatingly expensive train ticket later, I was finally on my way to Glastonbury '17. It was the most stressful build up I've had. Aside from an unshakeable belief that I'd find a way there, at no point did it look like I was going to Glastonbury so by all account, I was quite unbearable to be around. All worth it though, it was probably the best Glastonbury I've had, maybe even because of the madness I had to go through to get there!
  2. Excellent. related the the previous question, which Wu Tang members were there for the headline set?
  3. Janelle Monae, Jon Hopkins and The Wu Tang Clan!
  4. First time back here in a few months. With everything going on, I didn't really need the added heartbreak of being reminded of Glastonbury not happening, especially with the weather reports being pretty much perfect. Though one of my friends was hospitalised with suspected sepsis over the weekend, he's currently stable but on morphine and fluids. I can't help but feel if Glastonbury was still going ahead, he would discharge himself and still go. He probably wouldn't tell his girlfriend either and bribe the nurses to maintain the ruse. So I guess it's a good thing its not on this year? he already has respiratory issues so I would have spent the entire weekend stressing about his health. Looking on the positive side, we are now 52 weeks away from the gates opening, I've saved a fair few pounds from not going on holiday/glasto and at least not doing any exercise the last 12 weeks won't be my downfall (this year!). Hope you are all doing well!
  5. I'm feeling ok about Glastonbury, insofar I haven't really had a chance to think about it. It's everything else that is a bit more difficult. Work is getting more challenging, we're starting to run low on PPE, there's so much staff sickness and the effects of the lockdown on the service user's mental health is increasing. Trying to explain to a person with a learning disability or a mental health condition why they can't go out or visit their parents is so difficult and it isn't going to get any easier as times go on. I honestly do not know what I'm going to do if/when the virus gets into work. We have 8 services all next door to each other with about 50 residents in total, about half a dozen of them are in the high risk health category. So how do I feel? Scared of whats to come to be honest. All I do know is, the party in 2021 is going to be like nothing we've ever seen before.
  6. What I've maintained from the start is that this crisis will expose the best and worst of us for who we are, as well as show the country just who adds value to the United Kingdom. It's not the billionaires, the corporations, the CEOs or 'wealth creators'. its the people who keep this country running on a daily basis, who care for our loved ones, who put others before themselves. My only hope is that we will all remember this for many years
  7. I feel for everyone who hasn't got a ticket but as others have said, I'd imagine there will be a lot more going into the pot compared to other years so the dream is still alive for you. Guess I best get myself over to the 2021 headliners thread
  8. Love it! though I'm going to have to cheat and use acts from different stages Friday Sub - Chic (West Holts 2013) - I know it's technically a headliner set elsewhere but how better to get the party started? Friday Headliner - Stevie Wonder Saturday Sub - The XX (Pyramid 2017) Saturday Headliner - The Rolling Stones Sunday Legend - Dolly Parton Sunday Sub - LCD Soundsystem (Other stage, 2016) Sunday Headliner - Coldplay (Pyramid 2016)
  9. The only logical solution to this is to have a double glastonbury next year with the gates opening 5 days earlier. I will not be taking any further questions on this matter.
  10. Chic in 2013 was pretty damn special. In all my years, that set had the best party atmosphere and banger after banger after banger. There's nothing quite like being with your festival family watching a band absolutely nail it from start to finish. Though my greatest moment happened a year later. In 2014 at arcadia in the day for Craig Charles always stands out for me. It had been raining on and off all day and spirits were dampened somewhat but everyone was trying their best to make the most of it. Throughout his set there was this little patch of blue sky that was edging towards us, taunting us all with a promise of sun and respite from the rain. Craig had just started heard it through the grapevine, the bass line intro looping away. Anticipation was building in the crowd, craving the release of the of the song while that tiny bit of blue sky crept towards the spider. There are moments that stick with you, that are so perfect you just want to bottle them up and when that patch of blue sky made it over the spider, bathing us in sunshine for the first time and Marvin Gaye's voice was pouring honey down our ears, it was jubilance in its most unadulterated form. Ponchos went down, smiles went up. A limbo competition appeared. People were dancing in pure, unrestrained joy. I've had many a glastonbury, with many a special moment yet that is the one that is always at the forefront of my mind.
  11. I would be shocked if this conversation hasn't taken place at a very high level with the decision to prioritise the health of the economy over the health of the nation. More than likely. Most industries are taking massive hits right now (Aside from toilet paper and hand gel manufacturers)
  12. half way there I guess. Looks like I've got to shout more at the sky then.
  13. I told the sky yesterday evening that it can just fuck off with heavy rain for the next 4 months. I think it listened as I can see nothing but blue skies at the moment.
  14. It's just optics. The UK being a massive travel hub really makes the European flight ban quite silly but at least he can still golf, right?
  15. It certainly appears that way. The US has one of the lowest rates of testing per capita (5 tests per million people, compared to S. Korea who have 3,692 tests per million). Once testing becomes more widespread, the numbers will explode. In other news, I'm in the process of devising the action plan, business continuity plan and contingencies to put in place for work. Being a care company the amount of staff I can have work from home is approximately 5 out of 180 - and even that is being very generous. Combined with having quite a few residents who are in the at risk groups, some that lack the capacity to understand why they wouldn't be able to leave the service if a quarantine came into effect and some which don't have any legal framework in place that would allow us to prevent them from leaving (even if infected), I'm getting quite concerned as to how we are going to safely staff and support our residents. Even if there isn't an outbreak in the services, the chances of it hitting staff members through preventative isolation is very high and we support some very challenging people so maintaining safe staffing levels is going to be a challenge.
  16. Thats the best attitude to have tbh. Berlin is my favourite party city and always have an amazing time there regardless if I make it in to Berghain. let us know how you got on!
  17. Nail hit squarely on the head there. Social media is a gift and a (big) curse. a 15% increase isn't too bad. I was definitely expecting a bigger jump. Though there was a confirmed case in Aintree hospital yesterday (a mile away from my work) - A Doctor to boot. Just hope that he didn't infect too many people. Does feel all the more real now that cases are happening closer to me.
  18. Not as strict but it's still in the lap of the techno gods (and Sven). Fortunately there's always plenty of alternatives should the worst happen. I'd personally say that Tresor is the next best option but Suicide Circus, The White house, Chalet are all pretty good. Best of luck!
  19. Boris was on Good Morning and basically said that maybe we should just take it on our chin, let this run its course and not impose any draconian measures. On the one hand that massively reduces the chances of the Govt. deciding to prohibit large gatherings. On the other hand, it does feel a bit like a big "screw you" to anybody who would be at risk to the virus, as well as completely ignorant to the effect that it will have on the NHS and public services. I'm not sure being so cavalier with a large portion of your voter base is a good idea but I guess that's why I'm not a politician.... Or a sociopath
  20. Indeed. Assuming the ban just affects the gathering of people and wouldn't interfere with the Glastonbury build then as long as an 8 week ban happened before the 22nd of April, it will miss Glastonbury. We've been working out contingencies for the Corona Virus today (I work for a company that provides care to people with Mental Health and Learning disabilities) and while we can do quite a bit to protect the people we care for, we will be screwed if the staff come down with it. However we did realise that if an outbreak occurred in one of the services and it had to be quarantined, it would at least mean that technically, the service would be fully staffed for the two weeks. I'm still just about optimistic that everything will be ok in the end but still think we've got a tough few weeks ahead.
  21. yeah but I don't want my arms feeling like a couple of lead balloons
  22. Extending social distancing far into the summer only delays the peak towards the winter flu season. Looking at the model for moderate social distancing (which should end a few weeks before glastonbury) offers the best balance of delay and limits the economic impact. Combining that with the Chief Medical Officer's models that we should see 95% of cases appear in the first 9 weeks then drop off, I'm more inclined to be on the side that by early May we should be through the worst of it. That said, I do think it will effect smaller festivals that are earlier in the season and haven't sold out yet regardless of what happens. On the other hand, the USA concerns me mainly because of the lack of availability of testing kits and general issues with healthcare/sickness pay could result in a continued outbreak there so I would imagine a lot of festival organisers will be watching the situation with Coachella (and the aftermath) very closely. Overall I'm more optimistic that everything will be fine in the end. Of course I'm expecting things to get worse before they get better but even by the end of the month we should be seeing a decrease in new cases and an increase in recoveries
  23. You said it right there, it's scaremongering. We may(and hopefully will) see some social distancing but I can't see it going past early June. As @guypjfreak linked in his post, the london marathon is still going ahead at this point and that attracts 40,000 runners alone.
  24. Its ok, you still get to see his little brother on the saturday. I may see you there if I end up going!
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