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  1. Barely any litter if last year was anything to go by!
  2. Thanks for your efforts on the clashfinder and will definitely be ripping off your playlist, I've been trying to build my own but keep getting waylaid. Oh on clashfinder, your edits have introduced some (slight) clashes (Kae Tempest / Dry Cleaning!?!?) so if we could ignore reality for that - would be much better!
  3. Does this change the calculation of some more names to be announced? Assuming the Mountain Stage opens late afternoon, there is maybe 3 slots there...?
  4. _Tommy_

    BBC Coverage 2022

    Gotta share some love for Bicep here. It's totally euphoric bangers with stunning Lazer show. Absolute class.
  5. Watching Bicep tear up West Holts on telly is rather getting the old anticipation levels up... absolutely fantastic tunes and light show.
  6. I can't remember ever seeing day tickets being sold....?
  7. +1 for Green Man - it must be Glastonbury's truest little sister (shares bookers for Park and Other Stage, i think the creative director of GM is the Park's Chief) so it is a really good tonic to keep the fomo at bay. In fact having a ticket for that later in the summer is the only thing stopping me from being quite the grump at the moment.
  8. Also, does anyone when Chai Wallahs gets announced usually?
  9. There must be something starting to build then! (Probably all the gloating people posting everywhere about getting ready for Glastonbury) I also thought it because I noticed the Park Stage at Glastonbury this year shares a lot of acts with Green Man and I still didn't put 2 & 2 together And if there is someone really nerdy about, I half suspect GM shares (borrows) some infrastructure from Glastonbury too such as tents, stage kit and maybe the compost toilets but I dunno how that works, it did all look very similar though.
  10. Given last year was my first Green Man I definitely got the 'mini Glastonbury' vibe and even said to my partner it felt like being in the Park area.... Didn't realise Green Man shares the booker! Explains a lot...
  11. Aren't they in the US over late August/September? The seem to be up and down the West Coast in August but admittedly they do have a couple of weeks gap but certainly doesn't feel like a mid-sized Welsh festival gap to me.
  12. Re Wet Leg, they of course kinda opened the festival last year. Are we happy to overlook the two festivals on the bounce rule? My take is the rule is basically out the window as everything was so messed up last year touring wise, with Katy J Pearson a good example of that.
  13. BICEP (Live!) feels pretty big for what I assume is a Far Out headliner looking at it?
  14. Judging by the start of 2020 (before the whole world went to...well you know), the line up was released Jan 29th, albeit with a ticket sale too, so really hopeful we get some info in the next week or two.
  15. Margo Price would get a big thumbs up from me. Midwest Farmer's Daughter is a sublime album and a few tracks off that would go down a storm.
  16. It's through Fan Ticks for official resale partner: https://www.fanticks.com/event/green-man-2022-festival
  17. If we're keeping the Bikini Kill dream alive, can we also throw in the JARV IS, Bright Eyes and Yard Act dreams as well? I like that line up - let's just import the lot.
  18. Now that would be a result. Would probably get Billy Nomates cropping up on the bill as well which would be no bad thing.
  19. But...in relation to the previous comment, that's because the festival was allowing roll overs right up to the last minute wasn't it? So it was basically 2022 tickets popping up for 2021 - in theory of course, no time traveling allowed, against the T&C's
  20. ...and as if by magic Payment Plan tickets go on sale tomorrow at 2pm (email shot from the festival) Also gives some insight into what has been going on behind the scenes re changing ticket sale dates and sale methods. "to ensure the festival is able to run next year we needed to put tickets on sale earlier" - that sounds a bit, erm, alarmist doesn't it?
  21. I noticed Green Man are this morning tweeting in response to some that a payment plan option is coming - so definitely keep an eye out if a payment plan is critical for you.
  22. On another note - has anyone gone through the post-festival feedback questionnaire Green Man sent out, and if so, what did you think? Apart from it being a bit odd and fiddly to fill out in places, there was one question that made me shudder, something along the lines of "would you accept some corporate sponsorship to deal with the ever rising costs the festival faces?" The independent-ness of that festival is in my mind the biggest asset it has. If it is denigrated, even slightly, it's game over. Was also some interesting parts on where the live in vehicles could go, I admit I don't use one so I have no skin in the game, but reading between the lines it seemed like they were testing the idea of having the live in vehicles somewhere else (maybe a shuttle bus away or something I'm assuming) to free up space for more tents/arena space. Would be really interested to hear thoughts on that too - if I have understood the sub text correctly, anyway.
  23. When are these early bird tickets going on sale they speak of? Can't see anything listed anywhere...
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