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  1. frankblack

    Got any gigs coming up?

    This month I have: Mark Lanegan @ Edinburgh The Reflektors (Arcade Fire) @ Glasgow Queens of the Stone Age @ Glasgow Sigur Ros @ Edinburgh Pixies @ Glasgow Next month I have: The Damned @ Edinburgh Black Sabbath @ Glasgow
  2. frankblack

    The Vinyl Thread

    Went a bit crazy on Record Store Day today: - David Bowie - The Stars Are Out Tonight/Where Are We Now - The XX - Jamie XX Edits - The Clash - Ties On The Line - Mark Lanegan and Duke Garwood - Cold Molly - Moby and Mark Lanegan - The Lonely Night - The Sex Pistols - Pretty Vacant - Paul Weller - Flame-Out! (for a mate who collects Weller but couldn't make it) - Nirvana - ...and the rest BBC Sessions - Garbage and the Screaming Females - Because The Night - Marillion - Grendel Picture Disc Got a free 12" - Music Finland With the Line Of Best Fit
  3. frankblack

    Glasgow Summer Sessions

    Balado is accessible for Edinburgh, Fife, Perth, Dundee, Stirling, and Glasgow commuters, whereas Ayr is a long journey for those of us in the East Coast who don't do camping, and like to go home to clean beds and toilets. If T were moving to Ayr it would downsize considerably.
  4. frankblack

    Glasgow Summer Sessions

    The Subways were one of the two support acts. The Answer were the other and were second-rate AC/DC clones. Instantly forgettable. Thin Lizzy (minus Phil Lynnot) were supposed to support but I think one of the band was injured and they were replaced by The Subways.
  5. frankblack

    Glasgow Summer Sessions

    AC/DC are one of the best live bands to see in a Stadium show, and tickets will be like gold dust the next time they tour. The Download thing may have got a bit fucked up because it was treated as another date on their tour, but I wasn't there so I don't care. Saw them at Hampden and they were fantastic. A number of people I went with wouldn't be the sort of people you'd expect at an AC/DC gig.
  6. frankblack

    Glasgow Summer Sessions

    With no rock at T this year, I was hoping that a big rock band would headline but it looks like more of the same from the previously booked for T act list. KOL had two good albums at the start and went downhill to the point that their last was utterly abysmal.
  7. frankblack

    Glasgow Summer Sessions

    When are they planning on adding any other shows to this "event"? Its all gone quiet in terms of announcements, and some good rock acts would make up for the pop oriented T in the Park lineup.
  8. frankblack

    Glasgow Summer Sessions

    If the coming announcement for T is as dire as the headline and support acts already announced, perhaps two weeks? I'm hoping this is going to be a bit like Wireless and Hard Rock Calling was in London, depending on the capacity of the arena. Since T seems to have ditched rock for pop this year (and last), hopefully they will book rock acts for here like QOTSA with a strong undercard.
  9. frankblack

    Glasgow Summer Sessions

    Looks like DF Concerts have been saving the bigger names for these concerts instead of T in the Park.