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  1. Mr_Egregious

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Thirded. The drops were a revelation!
  2. In a broad Scouse accent from a nearby tent... ”SOMEONE’S HAD A SHIT ON A PLATE”
  3. Great thread, have very much enjoyed following over the last few weeks. See you all tomorrow!
  4. There’s no A-Z list... nightmare
  5. Excellent. I’ll be in kite.grad.campfires this year ⛺️
  6. See you all at riverbed.laws.starter!!!
  7. Friday: Stormzy Saturday: Chems/Wu (leaning Chems at the moment) Sunday: Cure/Streets (50-50) Odd to go into a festival not having my headliners locked in...
  8. Same! 3 years running, no film. This will probably not change this year. My only must sees are: - Hodmadoddery on The Bandstand (tradition) - Stormzy, Kylie and Ms. Lauryn Hill on the Pyramid Everything else is in the hands of the gods.
  9. Professionally Photoshopped to remove personal details
  10. And as Beyoncé started playing, the doorbell rang and my tickets arrived. Perfect!
  11. Playlist updated up to and including Fatboy Slim. With the Beatles I only put tracks that received 2 or more votes otherwise the playlist would be saturated with a band that's not even going to be there... With the Park announcement could this thread be worthy of a comeback??
  12. I proposed at the last festival. We made a silver ring in the Craft Fields (which removed the element of surprise somewhat) and then I popped the question in a lovely quiet area of the Park (just where the BBC coverage looks out although that wasn’t on my mind at the time). We got married in April and are looking forward to our first Glasto as husband and wife
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