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  1. For those interested a cover version of The Midnight Organ Fight is being released, planned before Scott’s sad demise to commemorate 10 years since it’s release. Covers by Biffy Clyro, Chvrches and Aaron Dessner of The National amongst others. Should be worth a listen.
  2. GMF

    Roy Orbison

    A recording of a Roy Orbison concert on BBC4 at the moment, recorded just over a year before he died, Elvis backing band, along with many supporting artists including Springsteen, Costello and KD Lang, catch up on iplayer.
  3. GMF

    The Weather Thread 2019

    A single hat would have been sufficient, but the hat has got to be appropriate for the weather conditions.
  4. Russian Standard 1L on offer at Sainsburys for £16
  5. GMF

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Is this a Dewey defeats Truman moment, The Nal has conceded the result, are we in for a last minute shock.
  6. GMF

    The Weather Thread 2019

    2015 had really heavy rainstorm late on Friday for about 40 minutes, but other than that it was dru
  7. @deebeedoobee I know the Jam and Gherkin Jars are vital to showing how dry it has been, but are you not leaving it a bit late for your infusions, although Werthers only takes 24 hours.
  8. I think the more credible rumour is Cooper joining Lukas Nelson on The Park (Nelson colaborated on the songwriting of A Star is Born) for a few songs, and then going to the Pilton Palais to introduce or Q&A at the showing of A Star is Born.
  9. I have a friend who is always getting lost, this will be great. He should not be difficult to spot, he has harry potter style glasses, usually wears blue jeans, a red and white horizontal striped t-shirt with matching hat, he also usually has a walking cane with him. Thanks in advance.
  10. GMF

    Lost glasto tickets

    This is a bit of a risk, I used to work for Royal Mail, the newer handheld devices have Gps tracking and record the signature location, it is accurate to 10m. This is why they are not that fussed about signature quality. oh and there is also the moral aspects.
  11. I like how we are all fully supportive of more female acts on the Glastonbury stages, but no way is womens football going to delay a programme showing what will be predominantly male headliners over the history of the festival.
  12. GMF


    This is getting out of control, people need to rein it in, but maybe I am blinkered in my view.
  13. Not sure if it is of interest to anyone who missed out previously or failed to get a Worthy View tent, but I was on the TF site earlier and some two man tents have gone back on sale.
  14. I do not know if it is of interest to anyone, but was on the Tangerine Fields site today and noticed that some two man tents have come back on sale.
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