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  1. I think that the majority of the people who do not pay their balance will be impacted by changes in personal circumstances, weddings or other events, relationship break ups, financial hardship etc rather than not liking the headliners. Therefore I do not think it will have much of impact on the resale.
  2. Sorry missed the reprimand.
  3. An evil janitor who kidnaped Scrappy Doo.
  4. The have been fairly active over the years, had a bit of a break in 2018, already done a small american tour in February this year, the Tinderbox announcement would indicate some European dates this summer.
  5. For me it is a time and a space that represents how life should be lived, with people choosing their own way to enjoy their time on earth whilst respecting those who choose to enjoy it in a different way.
  6. Just to confirm that the second mostly relates to freindly and not to people, just in case the forum has been infiltrated by some aliens.
  7. Kicking off at Hampton Court, only if they run out of blinis or the champagne is not chilled properly.
  8. GMF

    2019 Headliners

    Ignore this, joke already done.
  9. You should try Forest Fire just for a very good understated guitar solo
  10. GMF

    The 2019 Food Thread

    At least if the ducks are laying eggs they are not being force fed corn for foie gras. Although the foie gras at WV is magnificent
  11. May not be everyones cup of tea, but Lloyd Cole has announced a tour in October called Rattlesnakes to Guesswork, so hopefully some early stuff. 16 nights, 6 in Scotland 10 in England.
  12. Or a group of unemployed male strippers.
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