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  1. GMF

    Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)

    Bottle of wine, a couple of whiskys listening to The Midnight Organ Fight, just hit Floating in the Forth, in pieces!, do not know if others are just too polite to highlight the track and its lyrics given the circumstances of his demise.
  2. GMF

    Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    I lived in Aberdeen for 15 years, never seen a band at the beach ballroom. You have also fallen into the easy assumption that it being by the beach and it being June that you can assume it will be summer, Aberdeen in June still offers a 30% chance of snow and almost guaranteed that the temperature will struggle to hit double figures.
  3. GMF

    eFestival Music Awards 2017

    1. Rate Glastonbury Festival 2017 (0 - 10 score) 9 2. Best Glastonbury ever (Year) 2017 3. Best Performance at Glastonbury 2017 KT Tunstall 4. Worst Performance at Glastonbury 2017 kris Kristofferson 5. Best album of the year Sleep Well Beast/ The National 6. Best song of the year Poem/She Drew The Gun 7. Best gig/tour of 2017 Sparks 8. Best Other Festival 2017 Victorious Festival 9. Most Wanted Band for Glastonbury 2019 Talking Heads 10. Best New Act Kyle Craft 11. Legend Award (Dead or Alive!) Leonard Cohen 12. Biggest Loss To Music in 2017 Walter Becker
  4. GMF

    Festival cancelled due to mud

    Or anyone doing Marketing and specialising in marketing using social media, or anyone doing law and looking at managing statements in the public domain. Just because the president of the most powerful country in the world likes to rant on social media does not make it best practice.
  5. GMF

    Are Tories welcome at Glastonbury

    Some of the group I was with a definitely on the right of the political spectrum. We tend to avoid politics as we know it is something that divides us, but we have a lot more in common. I would normally try to sell them new bands that I am into, but decided to go see She Drew The Gun with my partner as I knew the politics of the band would not appeal to them. However I was unable to contain myself, when we met up one time and they complained that they had shown Jeremy Corbin on the big screens at The Other Stage as people were waiting to see the Kaiser Chiefs. I replied "that really shocks me, people were waiting to see the Kaiser Chiefs" Their musical tastes are not much better than their politics, still nice people.
  6. GMF

    The National

    There are a lot of people viewing the set as a triumph, including the NME below, I am a big fan and really enjoyed it, but I was with five people who were not aware of them, but I had been doing a sell on them. What is the purpose of a band like The National at Glastonbury, is it to please an existing fan base or to convert the people who have heard of them but are not experts in their back catalogue. 5 tracks out of 12 from a yet to be released album may not be the best way to convince the waverers. i think they could have done a more "populous" set, playing some more accessible tracks like Vanderlyle, I should live in salt or Pink Rabbits. i am not sure they have won over my group, but was that the purpose?, I will also not be giving up in my campaign to convert. http://www.nme.com/news/music/national-debut-new-songs-triumphant-glastonbury-appearance-2093292
  7. GMF

    Your (potentially) Contraversial Changes to Glasto

    A lot of what is being discussed comes down to the fact that selfishness is the new big thing and tolerance is a thing of the past. I am not sure it can be stereotyped by posh camping, camping chairs, youngsters out of their mind etc, there will be selfish people in all those demographics and there will be kind tolerant people in all those demographics. It is like people want a festival designed around their own likes and dislikes, a homogenised festival just for you. I was at a Belle & Sebastian concert in the week before the festival, as is done by a lot of bands they fired 15-20 large inflated balls into the audience during their last song. The normal reaction to this is that people knock them back and forward to share the enjoyment, what happened at this concert really shocked me, in less than a minute all the balls had stopped flying above the crowd as people caught them and claimed them as their personal property, after the concert I spotted people trying to get them on buses and stuff them into cars. It really pissed me off, not because I wanted one but just the absolute selfishness of it. To quote Sleaford Mods, Clinging onto years of that's not yours that's mine, give me it
  8. GMF

    Countryfile Day 2017!

    I know George Harrison wrote it but surely the Steve Harley version as he is the festival.
  9. GMF

    Re-united Kingdom

    Just finished watching the programme, Elbow and The Courteeners testing the tolerance I mentioned.. Said in jest if Elbow are the Friday night TBA I have a horror clash with Future Islands. Seen both elsewhere recently not sure which way I would go.
  10. GMF

    Re-united Kingdom

    The Last Leg is doing a programme tonight in honour of Jo Cox, based on the idea of her maiden commons speech which held the idea that we have more in common than divides us. In the build up to the festival I think this is an important ideal. It it has been a crap year for unity, the last few weeks have been challenging for everyone for various reasons. This is a generally positive forum, but as we approach the festival please remember that we have more in common than divides us and that applies to race, nationality, religion, sex, sexuality, musical taste, posh camping, public camping, camper van, off site, drugs, no drugs, socially functioning alcoholic, non socially function alcoholic, weather optimists, weather pessimists, I could go on but you get the point. i am not sure how people will respond, this might come across as a bit pompous, but next weekend is an important release for me, and I hope everyone has a great weekend and shows tolerance to everyone who wants to enjoy their weekend in a different way to you.
  11. GMF

    Oh look, a handy walking times guide

    Tube map on another thread with Cineramageddon included
  12. How does Chris Diifford and Glenn Tilbrook as an act differ from Squeeze. Jools is also there and Gilson Lavis plays drums with Jools, Paul Carrack is also there. The big secret is a Squeeze reunion, hurrah, sorry got a bit carried away there.
  13. GMF

    Don't vote Tory

    To use an appropriate analogy for this forum, the reinstatement of Gove ad retention of Johnson and Hammond is a bit of having people you do not like inside the tent pissing out rather than outside the tent pissing in.
  14. GMF

    Don't vote Tory

    What I think people are missing is the fact the sole reason this election was called was to give Theresa May who had not won an election as Prime Minister a personal mandate, they then ran a campaign built around her as a leader. She has failed to get a personal mandate and as this was the reason for the election she cannot stay as Prime Minister. I have no issue with the conservative party as the largest party trying to form a government, and that may mean that May stays in the interim, but she must set out a timetable for standing down. however she has no history of political integrity, shown by the various crisis when she was home secretary, her sitting dumb throughout the European referendum, and now as she tries to hang on to power.
  15. GMF

    Don't vote Tory

    The biggest irony is at the last two elections, the tories have portrayed an image to English voters of a minority labour government propped up and controlled by the SNP in Edinburgh. The reality of this result for English voters is a conservative minority government propped up and controlled by the DUP in Belfast. This and the fact that they are only in this position because the election in Scotland was turned into pseudo Independence referendum and the Conservative & Unionist Party, as it was portrayed in Scotland, gained seats