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  1. It is not cold in September, the one upside is that the sub acts get to perform in the dark. How many sub sets have you been disappointed with as they happened in daylight? In the last two festivals alone I can think of The National, Biffy and Vampire Weekend that all would have been better in the dark. The whole after dark vibe from around 7:30pm a whole 2.5 hours earlier, okay doing an all nighter for the sunrise will require a robust constitution.
  2. I think the most worrying part of this story is the last sentence of the quote on the BBC. A No 10 spokesman said Mr Cummings and Mr Warner had attended or listened in to Sage meetings in order to better understand the scientific debate around coronavirus. He said they "occasionally" asked questions or offered help when "scientists mention problems in Whitehall", adding that others "also listen to meetings without being on, or a member of, Sage". "The scientists on Sage are among the most eminent in their fields," the spokesman said. "It is factually wrong and damaging to sensible public debate to imply their advice is affected by government advisers listening to discussions." He added: "'Public confidence in the media has collapsed during this emergency partly because of ludicrous stories such as this." That is straight out of the Trump playbook.
  3. Always come back to this when revisiting my vinyl collection.
  4. GMF

    Alternative Xmas

    Xmas songs rend to come from a small pool, looking to make a playlist of alternatives Xmas songs, suggestions
  5. Frank Turner version of Thunder Road is a great cover of a magnificent song.
  6. Are the people on the green bases meant to represent picnic blankets, if so they should be standing around the outside o the blanket protecting it from anyone walking across it.
  7. GMF

    Cease and desist :-(

    Now that would make a good computer game.
  8. For those interested a cover version of The Midnight Organ Fight is being released, planned before Scott’s sad demise to commemorate 10 years since it’s release. Covers by Biffy Clyro, Chvrches and Aaron Dessner of The National amongst others. Should be worth a listen.
  9. GMF

    Roy Orbison

    A recording of a Roy Orbison concert on BBC4 at the moment, recorded just over a year before he died, Elvis backing band, along with many supporting artists including Springsteen, Costello and KD Lang, catch up on iplayer.
  10. GMF

    The Weather Thread 2019

    A single hat would have been sufficient, but the hat has got to be appropriate for the weather conditions.
  11. Russian Standard 1L on offer at Sainsburys for £16
  12. GMF

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Is this a Dewey defeats Truman moment, The Nal has conceded the result, are we in for a last minute shock.
  13. GMF

    The Weather Thread 2019

    2015 had really heavy rainstorm late on Friday for about 40 minutes, but other than that it was dru
  14. @deebeedoobee I know the Jam and Gherkin Jars are vital to showing how dry it has been, but are you not leaving it a bit late for your infusions, although Werthers only takes 24 hours.
  15. I think the more credible rumour is Cooper joining Lukas Nelson on The Park (Nelson colaborated on the songwriting of A Star is Born) for a few songs, and then going to the Pilton Palais to introduce or Q&A at the showing of A Star is Born.
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