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  1. No posts for 19 hours. Lineup announced today at 6pm then?
  2. He couldn't even get in at North Norfolk Digital
  3. 10/10 for tosspottery levels
  4. Saw them at another fest in Paris last year, they were actually worse - watching Albarn try to act like a woke millennial with swagger was too much
  5. As someone who isn't a massive Killers fan, I'd throw in that Smile Like You Mean It is a banger
  6. Saw them at Heaton, Finsbury and Wembley in 2017 and performance level wise 2017 may have been the best, but it was looking like that'd be their last gig anyway even at the time so it's possible they worked their nuts off to deliver a great set and it worked. Heaton was still the pinnacle though
  7. He is but this discussion has gone so badly I'm even starting to like him
  8. They did the drums thing when I saw them in Paris too, and it was a decent gig in all but that moment was very cringeworthy. Worst of all is that nobody else seemed to agree
  9. Re the Cure, should the question now rather than "will they headline" be "how long will their setlist be" because if they get 3 hrs it'll be a drag - and I'm an actual fan
  10. The Smiths didn't headline, this lot did apparently
  11. The Smiths didn't headline, someone I've never heard of did instead
  12. I definitely did not read that as "Vogue words" and definitely did not take that as an incredibly subtle clue to get excited about
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