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  1. I wasn’t in the best of states myself but am fairly certain there was a guy at side of stage recording the whole thing on a small camera , could of just been taking pictures tbf but I would love to relive this as I just spent the full set in awe of what I was witnessing
  2. Will the secret set be recorded and available somewhere, I need it !
  3. You wanna find yourself a Muslim taxi driver, he'll probably buy your beer too just make sure he's not about when it's all gone or your fucked
  4. Nice 1 where did you here this info , I can't see it on the schedule
  5. But one stage on Sunday has turned red for some reason , would be gutted if the view got cancelled
  6. Phone jobby looks like a friend of the band took it because it starts backstage , I'll have a look for it 2mins
  7. Shame was quality set , there's a version on YouTube but quality is awful . Thanks anyway
  8. Hi don't suppose any one has a copy of cribs from other stage Friday morning 2015 , thanks
  9. Soooo are they gunna show Mc Gregor mayweather somewhere???
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