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  1. Are you the only one who likes Mumford & Sons then?
  2. This post has got forgotten when actually reveals clearly how the font size of the headliner is much bigger in the teasing of MC than in the original poster. My bet goes for The Strokes and Rosalia. Second line missing an act too? Hope so...
  3. The size of the font for the headliners is much bigger compared to the 2nd line of acts then the previous posters. I'd say The Strokes seem pretty nailed there taking that into consideration. Still do not see Royal Blood headlining this...but who knows?
  4. Spanish native speaker here too. The guy who made the comment was wishing for Tool, The Who, etc. He never mentioned guitar bands globally, just not his specific cup of tea. Someone told him "headliners won't be of your taste". We can continue guessing non-stop. By the way, someone has just mentioned that a clue is coming at 1....but it will be about the new location of the festival for 2021.
  5. Azkena Rock Forum is traditionally a more heavy Rock oriented forum. This specific guy mentions that he has been said it is not classic rock bands which none of the artists we have been guessing here are. In other words, we should not expect The Who to be added.
  6. This. Tame Impala would be a surprising good booking at this stage. My fear is to have a duo like Pet Shop Boys and Bad Bunny headlining. Fortunately it cannot happen, they will not shoot themselves so easily. I think we are getting Liam for sure and the other one, let's pray for the best.
  7. If something 2 rock headliners is what is expected from Mad Cool. The pop quota is already filled. If the rumours of them having issues to book headliners is true, then they might need to go for something different (Kendrick Lamar? Post Malone?) but pretty sure initial idea is 2 Rock headliners.
  8. Really scared at the prospect of Bad Bunny filling one of those headliners slots on Friday...no, they can't f*** it up that way, isn't it?
  9. You are assuming they do not have any headliner booked at this stage for Friday, because if they would, they would have announced it already,. If that's true, The Strokes has the same possibilities of being booked as any other band/artist touring during those dates. And being honest, The Strokes are not a deal breaker for me, love the lineup already, but let the people dream about their options anyway If they are on desperate mode, they will pay The Strokes whatever it needs to be paid. Unless there are couple of acts we do not know yet they are touring. Where the hell are Black Keys? Were they not suppossed to come to Europe this year? Anyway, we will need someone bigger than them for Friday I guess. BTW, will not take so much importance to the sales. There was a limited number of 4-day ticket on sale so they could squeeze more euros selling more 3-day ticket and individual tickets. Friday and Saturday are always the big nights in the festival and the ones bringing more 1-day ticket sales so pretty sure they want to pull out something good for Friday.
  10. I was in the pit 😁 They were reeeeeally loud from my position but enjoyed every bit of it. Most importantly, they seem to enjoy playing together which makes huge difference. The tunes were always there. I'll still be surprised if I don't see them again in Mad Cool.
  11. Guess it depends on the people you surround yourself with or the forums/websites you follow. Hype on my side is high, similar to their comeback of 2011. Only difference is that this time they seem to enjoy playing together which is a big development vs. last 10 years.
  12. Mad Cool was born as a Rock festival and addition of Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish is already a big change in strategy. Definitely there will be one semi big Rock act for Friday, if not two. Hip Hop artists in Spain are not really relevant. Post Malone, for example, is not even a headliner compared to all other ones in the lineup for Spain. The question is...how many Rock acts are touring those dates? Will be really surprised if The Strokes don't join the lineup soon. The Who would be a good shout...LG is a small headliner but would drag people for sure. Stereophonics? Black Keys will your at some point? Can Take Impala be back after 2 years? Make your own combination of all above bands. Do not see many other options. Based on Spanish taste, The Who, The Strokes and LG must be the favourites. Those are the ones bringing people in my opinion.
  13. 4 headliners are already done. Maybe expect a couple of good international acts to surround headliners but no big names. Have a wedding that weekend in UK so somehow I am glad I can;t go this year (just missed 2016 in the last 9 years).
  14. 2 elegant English mature men 2 not too elegant French men Lot of Scottish guys together Drunk cockneys Brighton moves in her own way 2 spanish bands to please medium class spanish attendees A woman that could be R&B but it's not Young guys from Nottingham constantly angry And few more than I don't have time to describe.
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