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  1. This is very encouraging, thank you! Looking forward to that drink too ?
  2. Thanks for this. The lock up sounds a great idea, is this the same one as by ped gate C? Do you know what the queues are usually like and if there are any times we should avoid? We’ve seen big queues on other lockups so have never used them but we’ll have more stuff this time around so will prob need them.
  3. They sent us a 20 minute video demo which we watch last night, all a bit complicated but I'm hoping after the tenth viewing it will sink in and I'll be able to sleep more soundly ;-). Thanks for the water advice, will ask around for some barrels, if not we might just take the plunge with the aquaroll in the hope that it's all a great success and we'll be back next year!!
  4. We haven’t had our tickets yet but we realised last week we hadn’t updated our address so we rang SEE and they said they were just about to be printed - that was last Tuesday. A friend has received his main festival ticket and had an email a few days before to say it was being dispatched, we haven’t had anything yet and other friends haven’t but I’m hoping to hear something very soon! I would second the suggestion to contact SEE, they were really helpful with us, good luck.
  5. Thanks so much everyone, really appreciate it, feeling less panicked now! One more question - the water tank in the van is 100L, how many times are we likely to need to refill this over the course of a week? Planning to have a few quick showers and I guess we’ll have a filthy toddler to clean most days. Just wondering whether it’s worth buying an aqua roll?
  6. Hi, We usually stay at Worthy View but this year we're bringing the kids (6 months and 2.5) and we're in a mild panic about what the hell we're doing. We've got campervan tickets for East quiet field. We've had a good read through everything that's been asked before on kids and campervans and have found most of the info we need (thanks!) but still a bit sketchy on some things. Distance to east cv field and hill of death - I'm a bit confused as we chose east quiet based on the fact it said it was for families and people with access issues but it sounds like it's quite far away and has a killer hill?! The little one is too small for a trolley/trailer so we're going with an all terrain 3 wheel buggy - will we be able to wheel this up and down the hill every day? I'm guessing not if there's mud like 2016 but in semi-reasonable conditions is it doable? How does the walk into the site compare with the walk from Worthy View to the railway bridge? We're planning to arrive on Tuesday morning and I guess we won't have much choice on where we're put but just in case the steward takes pity on us is there any particular place we could try asking for to make the daily commute more bearable? Our campervan is 7m in length, from looking at other posts it sounds like we could put a tent or gazebo in next to us for storage / shade / shelter - is a 4 man tent pushing it? are we better just going with the gazebo? We've been reading loads to make sure we bring all the essentials but if there's something you found really useful, particularly with kids, that might not be so obvious we'd love to hear it. We're in a hired campervan so it's not going to be particularly kid friendly. Thanks so much
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