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    Camp LALA

    Camp LALA @ IoW Festival 2007
  2. hello laura, hope you well, was another fun day yesterday, thanks

  3. Andrew_iow

    Long time since I did this!

    Its been about 7 months since my first and last post so know I have spare 5 minutes I thought I would post again with the help of my annoying little cat LOL, she's great really... Well wasn't a great day yesterday as my bike broke again, after so far this year spending a small fortune on it to get it fixed!!! was meant to be collected today to be fixed but they didn't have time :@ cant want my money that bad!! So got someone else doing it know but can be done till at least Tuesday what with being a back holiday, sucks with out transport... /me sighs I was bored yesterday so I set-up a web cam to over look my back garden here in Gunville (Newport) about 2 miles from the festival site ( we can hear the music from the back garden).... not sure why I set it up but if you want to see what the weather is doing have a visiti .. its not a great camera but it does the job.... Its not always running and it ain't always great speed wise but you can see what its like here on the lovely Isle of Wig'hit !!! http://xpressoftware.no-ip.biz:8080 We have just had a BBQ which was yummy, its horrible and muggy tho but hey meant to cool a little over hte weekend and even rain LOL anyways I thought I ought to do some work else I will have clients on my back and can't be dealing with that. Ohh one last thing I finally started to shop of the IOW festival today lol Cheers for now. Andrew
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    Well first off welcome to my first blog and when I say first it aint just a first on this site its a first for me altogether. Today I packed up the Mobile Planetarium into our camper ready to go off to a school to teach the little angels tomorrow, which is great fun, no really I do enjoy it its the getting up at 4am tomorrow that I am not looking forward to, normally we go up the day before. By the time I get back I will be exhausted I'm sure because its hard work putting the dome up etc. but hey its money and its something different well I best hit the sack really else I will never be getting up in the morning. Andrew