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  1. Madmath455


    How much are you selling the two adult tickets for?
  2. Madmath455

    Secret resales

    Is there any news if there will be a last minute resale today?
  3. Madmath455

    Secret resales

    Yeah it did seem to suggest something was going to happen. Probably just some people at see knowing that we are checking the page and wanted to see us freak out a bit. Hopefully there will be one last resale.
  4. Madmath455

    Secret resales

    With each day it looks less likely. I just keep thinking if 3-400 people return tickets if they bought the insurance then they may consider a resale.
  5. Madmath455

    Secret resales

    I'm not sure how it would put people off? Do people like waiting on website hoping it doesn't crash and they can get through? Maybe there could be a hybrid where the first wave is lottery based and then the others are similar to the current way. These resales though do favour the tech savvy, like creating a script that will tell them when a webpage has changed. I'm just trying to think of what would be a fairer system. The guys at seetickets have probably *hopefully anyway* had a discussion about the pros and cons of each system and they obviously think that the current system is the most appropriate.
  6. Madmath455

    Secret resales

    The fairest way to do I think would be to have a lottery system. Where you would be able to apply for tickets over a week period and then they are randomly assigned to groups. If people then don't pay the deposit within a week or two some other group would get the tickets. The thing I don't like about the first come first served is that if one thing goes wrong then you could fail to get tickets eg, power cut, internet cuts out or computer crashes. Also many users may not be confident using online services. Especially in the resales when you have to pay all up front there's a lot of money changing hands, there has to be a few cases where people have been caught by scams thinking they are buying a ticket. I haven't seen any accessibility options on the site either. The lottery system won't get them as great headlines as, "sold out in 27 minutes". But I think it would be a less stressful environment, that doesn't rely on everything working for an hour on a Sunday morning