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  1. Quady park, 051, Nation before it was Cream, G Bar, earlier late 80's clubs I went to were Vague, Venus and Kit Kat Club, leeds and Nottingham, then moving down south mainly Club UK Wandsworth, Leisure Lounge, Camden Palais and a sh1t load more clubs and raves, semi race retired in 2000, apart from a new more trips to Ibiza my rave days are now saved for Shangri-La and Block 9 at Glasto. 55 now, you cant stop the beat...…..
  2. I met a bloke in the "F@ck off Café" top of The Big Ground 1989 (?) wearing nothing but a pair of Y fronts and an oversized Brown fur Top Hat. He had walked out of his job in central London, hitched all the way with nothing but the suit on his back and no money, jumped the fence, went to the first Glasto rave proper at the sugarlump tent, popped his first bean for free, copped off with a girl for a bunk up, left her tent to go for a slash and couldn't find his way back spangled so lost everything. Someone gave him the hat, I gave him a packet of Bourbon Biscuits and bought him a hot coffee. Now THATS the way to do it...…………….
  3. Harsh - not exactly an Axe murderer! What percentage would actually do this? So few so as not to make a difference and how is it like queue jumping?? Most Marshalls are not actually trained in traffic management and Ill grant you only trying to follow the script they are given but I've seen and experienced some stupid decisions over the last 35 years. I'm not as strong as I used to be and my asthma does not give me exemptions where to park but I will be arriving very early and attempting to get myself closest to where I want to pitch for my health - especially if the weather looks sh1t. I try to follow the rules of the farm as best as I can but have also witnessed and endured some very dodgy queue management from a health and safety perspective, cant expect all staff to have adequate crisis management skills can you so I never blame them. 99% of the time you have to play with the cards you are given but sometimes experienced decisions can made.
  4. for me paul simon headlining the Pyramid a few years back, was hot as hell and didn't play ONE Simon and Garfunkel Track - could of had the crowd in is hands. Played a lot of later stuff that was just meh to me and mine. Don't give flying F if you liked it, if your a big player you gotta play some of your biggest tunes eh.
  5. Always found #3 to Work for me, #2 can turn into a party in a car park but you wont be as fresh to get straight on it once your tent is up. BTW, when your tent is up and you might imagine you would be tired, you wont be - one look at the place and your adrenalin will kick in mahoosively and you will be off like a jack rabbit. I would say take it easy as there are days left to go but you wont. Enjoy.
  6. ya_concha


    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Juggernaut-Folding-Fishing-Transportation-Trolley/dp/B00MJ14R0M after years messing round with imposters not capable of handing all weathers, a fisherman mate recommended this. Yes it was expensive but OMG it is the don of all luggage haulers, seriously worth the investment believe me. Safely in the local lockup tent for the duration of the festival, folks were crying at my ease of carrying kit, sh'1t ended up taking extra trips to the motor just for fun.
  7. ya_concha

    Walking in

    been over the wall many a time, under the wall a few - walked in behind a Viking size punk rocker, yup - all before 1998 tho. Too risky I reckon from what we now see in action. Made me laff about running in tho, I couldn't muster the speed of Peter Kaye doing the "Show me the Way to Amarillo" video.
  8. er…..sort of hot n sweaty in there. A friend told me.
  9. wow, who has the time to do this for no money! impressed and having been to Glastonbury 24 times over 35 years I don't say that a lot.
  10. tried them all, 4 wheels are great when weather is ok but prone to burst on jagged surfaces - then you are stuffed, also note the weight restrictions on these things which eveyone ignores. x3 Wheeled Fishing trolleys I found the most versatile for all weather. Also useful to ferry wrecked idiot friends if required
  11. ya_concha

    refresh refresh

    I keep one laptop on Firefox on Wifi, another on Bing and hard wired and my chromebook I use on 4G, its been the Chromebook last three attempts that has worked for me......
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