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  1. www.fusoundsystem.co.uk Come join us on 1st May at The Chambers, Cheriton Place in Folkestone. FREE ENTRY A celebration of Reggae music FREE ENTRY DJs Earl Gateshead (Trojan Sound System) https://soundcloud.com/user1470149 Paul Steward (Port-O-Jam Sound System) Daniel Hatcher (G-Ranch Crew) Amanda & Nathan Atkins (Frederick's Unique Sound System) FREE ENTRY This is something a bit special! I'm sure all those great folk (which I TOTALLY mean) who've been involved in Ska in the town will understand when i say that when there were just a couple of nights dedicated to the beloved sound..well then, it felt SPECIAL ! It felt that way because those that loved it made it that way. It did get - i think it's fair to say - a bit overwhelming when EVERYTHING became SKA driven around here and now that the dust has settled a bit, an event such as this can stand out...because it IS outstanding!! Fredericks Unique Sound System (F.U.S.S.) LOVE Reggae & Ska and have dedicated so much of their own time & money into the scene. Born of that sincerity, they've found themselves working with those that not only feel the same but are leaders in the scene. This is where EARL GATESHEAD pops in! This man has BREATHED the reggae & Ska scene since the 70's when he dj'd in between punk bands in Brixton, playing the best Jamaica had to offer. He's head of & main Dj now for the TROJAN Sound System & has played at FABRIC (the first reggae DJ ever invited to do so) and is this year playing his 2nd year of residency at SPACE in Ibiza! ! This man IS an international dj Superstar, it's just he happens to wear a flat cap instead of a twat (Justin Bieber) box cap! Must be nice to have nothing to prove smile emoticon This night at The Chambers is on Fri May 1st (bank holiday weekend) & is a FREE ENTRY affair! Realise how lucky we are here Folkestone....the rest of Europe have to pay HANDSOMELY to see this man & you can see not only him but ALSO Mista P from Port-O-Jam AND Danny Hatcher from G Ranch Crew AND F.U.S.S....ALL FOR FREE! Come to enjoy & come looking sharp! Above all, come to love the music & see a man who's influence in the scene can't be denied! A big night for us Folkestone!! FREE ENTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!