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  1. Carter USM at the Queen Elizabeth Hall in Oldham aged 13!! 1990...smashed my head on the stage monitor crowd surfing!! Amazing gig
  2. Just picked mine up....first time in a campervan as well. Definitely echo the message about understanding the size and difference of the thing. I had a good hours drive to get mine home to pack up, the breaking difference between my car and the camper was crazy!!! Go steady.
  3. Will be in West...first time in a campervan.. we are bringing our 5 year old and 2 month old (first time with kids as well) so thought the campervan option would be best...planning on getting there around 4pm ish!! Does anyone know if this will be a very busy time? Definitely BBQ and beer time...be lovely to meet the new neighbours
  4. My wife did it pregnant (24 weeks) in 2013, she had a great time. We put some extra effort into making the camp as comfortable as possible and got a new tent that we could stand up in. We limited the amount we did and stayed longer at areas when we got there. Chair was essential! She managed the headliners every night and then was done in! I did pull the pregnant card a few times when there were big ques at toilets and when space got a bit cramped!
  5. I’m in the campervan field this year for the first year (campervan West) and planning on getting down for around midday on the Wednesday...I know a lot of people mention getting into the campervan fields on the Tuesday..will getting there on the Wednesday effect much for me?? Will I be positioned miles away from the entrance gate for example??
  6. Oh no....that’s a bit of a pain!! I was up front with where I was going and as you say I think it’s better like that!! I did notice on my rental that they already indicated that festivals were ok (I am not sure if you can filter options like this on the website?) I would suggest searching different areas to widen your reach maybe somewhere on route to Glastonbury??
  7. PS I only booked last week and there were loads of options!
  8. I will be going in a camper van this year for the first time due to us expecting a new addition to the family in 6 weeks...so didn’t fancy taking a young baby with everything they need and camping...as I started looking prices were way more than I thought they would be! I have ended up using these https://www.camptoo.co.uk/ where you rent the camper off an individual rather than using a rental company....it was a 3rd of the price I had found anywhere else!!
  9. Been really good reading this...my second child is due on the 3rd of April and we have been lucky enough to get tickets....In the past we have always used Glastonbury as a chance for our first one to have some dedicated time with his Nan (as she lives in Spain) and a chance for us to cut loose...as the new addition will be so young and the effect being away would have on routine and breastfeeding etc we are planning on taking the full troop....now I just need to weigh up the best way to do it...we have always camped with a large group of friends (who were all lucky enough to get tickets again)
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