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  1. Help! Our campervan has broken down and we’ve been trying to get her back on the road for the past 24 hours. Alas, she’s not moving so we’ve decided to camp instead. We’ve got the car loaded up, but no car park pass. Can we get one on arrival in the morning?
  2. My campervan ticket is now in stock (purchased in the resale), but still no status change to our actual tickets
  3. Main sale for tickets and resale for CV pass. Nothing telling us of even a potential dispatch on the See order tracker. Starting to worry now.
  4. Wondermum

    Trolleys for kids

    This year we’ve gone for a garden trolley to transport the kids around in after hours. Of course it won’t rain, but ‘just in case’ and in the spirit of true Boy Scouts we want to be prepared. What do people use to construct a roof to provide shelter?
  5. Still no news on the order tracker for ours. See are properly rubbish. We’ve had them by now in previous years. Would love to take the campervan out of storage early and take a leisurely few days getting to the site. If they never arrive, can we collect them from the security portacabin in the CV East Fields, including the CV pass?
  6. Having never parked up in a lay by before, who would move you on? The police?
  7. I’ll look into Lacock, thank you
  8. Thanks! yes, we are in Essex so have the M11, M25 then either M4/M5 followed by cutting through Bath or we take the M3 to be followed by the much more scenic and pleasant A303. Either way, it’s a hellish journey as far as the roads are concerned. I think the only benefit really is getting out of Essex earlier. We’ve got a converted library bus and the kids will sleep in their car seats. Easily transferable to their bunks at the rear of the bus if we do stop over and the pair of us can kip on the floor. But getting up early Tuesday morning is also possible; we just never know what the M25 is going to throw at us. As we are in the unique position of husband not having a job to return to return to at the end of the festival, the idea of making a bit of an adventure out of it appeals. Nothing to stop us leaving here a bit early, and no rush to return on the Monday except the dear old cat will have missed us. I’ll see if my parents can feed her for an extra day or two.
  9. We’ve always played the the book and timed our arrival for around midday on the Tuesday for CV East. However this year we’re not hindered by those pesky things called employers and we’re able to amble down the motorway at a much more leisurely pace. Thinking of leaving Monday evening then parking up in a lay-by when we feel tired. Will all the lay-bys near the site be closed off to prevent fools such as us clogging the roads? Friends are of the opinion that if we rock up early the stewards will move us off the local roads on to a waiting field, but I’m not so sure.
  10. Excellent. The eldest would whizz round 2km in no time. Happy to accompany the two younger ones, but would they need an adult each or can I be responsible for both?
  11. Wondermum


    I only ever drink cider for breakfast while at Glastonbury. I start on the Wednesday morning.
  12. Can children enter and do they need accompanying along the route (asks unfit parent of fit and capable children)?
  13. Wondermum


    Me too but my better half is a snorer and keeps me awake at the best of times. If I’m finding it difficult to get to sleep after a full on night his snoring will make it even worse. I can’t believe I’m actually contemplating war plugs this year but I am. And an eye mask.
  14. In really like the Ixus range. My current camera is actually an Ixus but it’s become unresponsive over the years, probably due to its advanced age. I’ll take another look at their range as they’ve always been very user friendly and easy to navigate after a few ciders.
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