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  1. natalieiley

    Lesser known band suggestions

    Holy moly and the crackers... the best live band I’ve seen. I stumbled upon them in Newcastle after a gig and they’re amazing. So different and get everyone moving! https://youtu.be/nNsGXbazGf4
  2. natalieiley

    Who would you like added in the next Announcement?

    HOLY moly and the crackers ... great band for any time of the day or night! https://youtu.be/nNsGXbazGf4
  3. We would love to buy a Kendal calling vehicle live in pass for 2018. We have recently bought our tickets. It’s my camper Madges 40th bday this year and would love to celebrate at Kendal. I have looked online and the tout prices actually shocked me! Thanks for any help (i am on the waiting list but just Joined)