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  1. There's a pre-sale this morning. And for all tomorrow.
  2. https://nova.fr/douze-ans-apres-rage-against-machine-de-retour-rock-en-seine See you in Paris
  3. I don't want to loose my job 🙂
  4. RATM, it'll be official tonight at 21PM (22PM in UK).
  5. Hello and sorry for my english. Nobody's is perfect and i'm french. I'm in West campervan parking and my gas bottle 13 kilos) is empty. So you think i could take shuttle to city buy a bottle ?? Or maybe one efestival inside campervan West could sell me a bottle until sunday ?? Thank you for your help ?✌️
  6. capman

    2019 Headliners

    It's a parodic bot account....
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