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  1. bethannny

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Definitely the Cornish Arms near Leftfield.
  2. Rob da Bank has Simon Taffe on his A-Z of Festivals podcast this week - good lil listen. (Link here: https://play.acast.com/s/robdabank) He also confirmed Jarvis as Sunday Garden headliner if that wasn’t known already!
  3. I did Bestival last year for the first time and whilst you're not allowed to take your own booze into the arena they were very lax with the checks. They asked me if I had any drinks in my backpack I said no (I did), they let me in. Someone was carrying a water bottle of vodka, they asked "what's that?", she said "water" and they let her in. Even saw someone with two cans in their hands pull their sleeves down to cover them and they were fine! All depends on the security on the day I suppose. Also didn't get checked on entry for quantities as I had spirits (in a plastic bottle, of course!) on me. But again, I expect if you get pulled for a search they'll confiscate.
  4. You wont regret it. It's one of my must-sees every year at Glastonbury for good reason. Bit like watching a car-crash at times, but in the best way!
  5. The only clash I have is end of Wu-Tang -> start of Hip Hop Karaoke, then end of that -> start of Vince. For people that haven't seen it, HHK is 100% unmissable. Absolute staple for me at Glastonbury! Also, hello Lovebox people. I'm popping up in this thread for the first time
  6. bethannny

    Question about UV

    This is my favourite topic EVER. Combining sparkly/glowy stuff and hula hoops. Yes. Not sure on the UV/black light question - I've got UV hair dye going on at the moment so I'm very much on the hunt for some UV lights to test it out myself! I'm sure there will be some somewhere, whether or not there's room to hoop is another question! As for hoops - something with reflective tape will be great in the daytime. Especially if the sun is shining! Last year I took my basic LED (cost me about £60 from Oddballs) but this year I'm bringing along my fancy ULA Oops hoop (smart LED hoop) and I'm definitely looking forward to giving that a spin. The problem, of course, is that by the time it's dark enough I'm not normally in any state to hoop... I spend a lot of time in the circus fields too. Especially since I'm into all the aerial stuff as well, it's properly breathtaking and super inspiring! But on your original question - I personally wouldn't bother with an UV/glow in the dark hoop. You probably won't get enough glow out of it and LEDs are much more versatile!
  7. Just a heads up - I've just checked my email and had one with a code for the Spotify presale which apparently landed in my inbox at 10:56. Picked myself up a ticket for London on the Tuesday! Winner.
  8. bethannny

    Going solo

    Chiming in as another Camp Soloer! It's definitely one of the better decisions that I've ever made. This year will be my third with Camp Solo and I think that, personally, it's the best way for me to enjoy the festival. I too was freaked out at the prospect of camping alone. Was I going to spend the whole time twiddling my thumbs, staring at people having fun in groups? I'm not the most confident of people so I was never going to be able to go up to a randomer and make friends. So having people to camp with gives this little safety blanket of "oh, I won't be talking to myself for 5 days. Good!" Having a few familiar faces in the tents around you is nice, as is having a chat in the morning and assessing the damage from the night before! But at the same time I do like being on my own sometimes. Big groups can be a bit too much, I can't stand waiting around for people to figure out if they're hungry/thirsty/want to sit down etc. There's loads of stuff I wanna see and I will go and see it. The beauty of the camp is that there might be someone who wants to come along too - cool! There might be a big group of people heading to that stage or there already - cool! But also there's no pressure to stick around if you want to go off and do stuff. I spent loads of time just wandering around the circus fields seeing stuff that I liked, on my own. It really is the best of both worlds. We're a really diverse bunch (can't overstate that enough!) There's plenty of people who will be out all night and plenty that will have had enough after the headliners. Some will be at the pyramid most of the time, some will be in the Green Fields for the whole festival. Lots in between. My best tip for going solo would be to do what you want to do. It is the best opportunity to experience the festival EXACTLY as you want to. No comprising on bands. No waiting for 40 minutes because your mate went to the loo and can't find you again in the crowd and there's no phone signal (argh!) Eat all the food you want. Go on a bar crawl. Fuck it, its Glastonbury after all!
  9. I've started seriously considering Parklife. £65 for ATCQ and Frank Ocean. Downside is that Manchester on a Sunday is not ideal for someone who lives and works in London - either do it sober, drive and suffer at work on Monday or use up the limited holiday I have and overnight it.
  10. The National always seemed to have passed me by, despite being on the ballpark of 'stuff that I like' so since they've been announced I went on a proper listening spree. My feelings are as follows: 1. HOW HAVE I MANAGED TO NOT GET THEM ALL MY LIFE? I've missed out on years of listening and gigs. Dammit. 2. Excited that I'll maybe get to see them at Glastonbury 3. Worried about clashes It's been a rollercoaster of a day. Still, now I have a new band that I like with a big enough back catalogue to lose myself in. Does this mean I'm part of the club now?
  11. This is a massive bump, but I've now got a spare ticket for the Roundhouse on Saturday if anyone's interested in it? That also leaves me bimbling around on my own (again) - beer anyone? Aaaaaaand to get properly back on topic - JPT headline would be bloody lovely, but NOT on Friday, Radiohead would win that.
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