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  1. Heads up to deposit ticket holders - balance payment deadline has been brought forward to 28th March 2022 (instead of 2nd June 2022). Just got an email about it. Looks like they're trying to avoid the VAT hike too. Glasto and EOTR balances due in same month. Ouch.
  2. I've already hit the point of being excited about this and not focusing on work. Making up for not being at End of the Road this year! Will bring my tally of fests to 2 camping + 2 day fests for the year. Acceptable, given the circumstances.
  3. Snapped Ankles Instagram story says 5pm - so looks like they're taking the Scalping slot (and not Dream Wife's).
  4. Anyone who (like me) loved VLURE - they're playing a free show in London on Thursday 26th August, tickets on DICE 👍
  5. We've had a confirmed case in our group today. I've been doing daily lateral flows and they're all coming back negative - went for a PCR today to check, just in case. I had an email from Big Green Coach (whom I travelled with) earlier this week to say someone on my return coach, after presenting a negative lateral flow to get on, went for a PCR to fly out of the UK and was positive. If I do end up being negative after all this I've either recently had Covid and not known, or my awful immune system has finally got its act together!
  6. No Foo Fighters (that I remember!) but we got a fun version of Get Lucky (sound of the summer, I'm telling you), Rick doing the drums to to Highway to Hell and a song that involved splitting the crowd in half to sing 'Monkey Sh1t, Gravel Dirt' - continued to sing that all weekend. On stage he's a thoroughly charming and funny bloke - the worst thing about him is definitely his own songs!
  7. Soul healed, body broken. No idea how I used to do a full season of these weekends. Saw an awful lot over the weekend - one of the benefits of it being a compact site (unless you’re heading back to the campsite, what a mission). Hot Chip, Chems and Sons of Kemet for my headliners, all incredible. Accidentally saw Rick Astley doing a full covers set in the Trailer Park at midnight on Saturday, which was suitably bizarre but thoroughly enjoyable! Latitude did well to pull that off and manage to order the weather to behave too! Usual gripes - food queues did get ridiculous, main bar ‘selection’ appalling. So many teenagers that at times it felt like I was crashing a GCSE results party. Nothing that could take the shine off being at an actual real life festival again. Not sure Latitude is ever going to be in my regular rotation of festivals but it was everything I needed.
  8. Did anyone else get up earlier to do their lateral flow because they were too anxious to wait? Just me? Negative and good to go 🎉 shame my coach isn’t until 1pm now!
  9. I can already hear the intro to Huarache Lights. From the very beginning that tent will be bouncing and I'm getting emotional just thinking about it.
  10. A member of our group just got pinged to isolate. I'm not leaving my flat before I leave for the festival now. Outside bad. Focusing on the pure joy that will be Hot Chip in the tent on Friday.
  11. Everything you need is on the Latitude site - https://www.latitudefestival.com/information-category/latitude-2021-faqs It varies depending on where you're coming from, but essentially she'll need to register her negative lateral flow result on the GOV website. Can then show text/email showing negative result or the COVID pass through the NHS app (England only - details here: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/demonstrating-your-covid-19-status)
  12. The Latitude guidance is: Will I be required to re-test? If you are using an NHS Lateral Flow Test to demonstrate your COVID Status, this will remain valid for 48 hours from the time you took the test. You will then need to re-test on the expiry of the initial 48 hour period. If you leave the site during the festival on Saturday and Sunday, when you return you will be required to demonstrate your valid COVID Status. Please ensure that you upload your re-test to the NHS website. So the only place you'll have to demonstrate your status is on the gates. If you leave during the festival and your status has expired then you'll need to retest. If you're not leaving then there's nowhere else you'll need to demonstrate status so no actual need to retest. Interesting how this might affect car travellers on Monday i.e. if you need to do two trips to the car on Monday morn and haven't retested, will they let you back in?
  13. Am I being a wally or are all the showers in family/pink moon/luxury/guest camping and other areas not accessible to general public? I could’ve sworn there were showers in the village last time I went (2015, admittedly) but there’s none there on the map this time out.
  14. Whelp. Another one sucked in by the test event designation. Had a word with myself and I'd have been gutted if it went ahead and I wasn't there. So a ticket was bought. Haven't been since 2015 - Portishead were incredible - so hoping a few things have changed, but won't hold my breath.
  15. bethannny

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    Definitely the Cornish Arms near Leftfield.
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