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  1. superhands91

    Other Stage 2020

    Want to put something out there.. My Chemical Romance and The Strokes, Apparently rumoured to be friday headliners of Mad Cool (not yet announced). Could have a shot?
  2. I think some are underestimating Charli xcx... definitely higher than a JP sub -.- She is queen of her subgenre right now and currently UK's biggest contemporary female pop artist, after Dua Lipa. Just my two cents
  3. superhands91


    The ones at green peace are communal. I haven't used any others. I assume the kidz field/ tipi / worthy view ones are not.
  4. Coming in from Australia! ✈️ Too exciiiittttedddd 😁
  5. superhands91


    Has anyone seen a really detailed aerial photograph of the 2017 site? I know this one for 2016 but would really like to see 2017. https://web.archive.org/web/20160622093734/https://glastomap.com/ cheers for your help!
  6. Seems to be hard to get an image of the full lineup at the moment (with second announcement artists). This was in the Glastonbury newspaper on the Thursday or Friday, so here it is...
  7. superhands91


    I loved it. However I think they can do better than that chorus/audio video finale. Alas, Epic stuff
  8. They have put up gates at the JP btw. Still letting in but packed already.
  9. Or at least tell me where is good! Just saw Myki Blanco at pussy parlure. Kate Tempest is in crowd
  10. Hey. So I hate to be the guy to ask this. But does any after headliner venue play hip-hop or top 40 music? Keen for a shameless dance
  11. So if we needed any more of a confirmation. Killer Mike just tweeted "I'm doing the show today for you girl"
  12. I fucking love all of you! Best news
  13. Lack of Glasto posting / RTJ posting about shows as normal makes me hopeful. PLEASE PLAY!
  14. Any news on this? I'm thinking if they cancelled will be a replacement already on site. Ev Ev perhaps? Call up Foals and get them to save the day again plz
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