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  1. Well we finally received an email yesterday saying that our tickets have been sent via DHL. No idea when they will arrive as it doesn't give us an expected date - so will need to keep checking the tracking details. Have you guys had an email about yours yet? Just hope they arrive before we have to fly out there now (luckily we are close to the East Mids DHL depot!)?
  2. Interesting, good to know that there is a back up if we don't get them. If we have to get them ourselves then I will be asking about a refund of the delivery charge ?
  3. Still nothing here! I emailed on the 20th and they replied very quickly to say we should have received an email with delivery date of the wristband and if we haven't had it in the next few days to get back in touch - only been waiting for over a month for it and sent several emails. I am giving them until Friday and sending another email. Has anyone else actually received their VIP wristbands yet??
  4. Yes we ordered through Tickermaster too. I have had a reply from the Golden ticket people to say we should have an email from the courier in the next few days - still nothing. I noticed on one email (not on the translated part) that there was a date, translated that bit of the email and it states 'please check your spam tray if you haven't had the email by the 20th June' Will hold out and see if we get anything this week then I will be emailing again! It's 3 weeks until we leave the UK for Spain and we paid for shipping too. Will let you know if we hear anything. Annoying to have booked ticket
  5. I too got this email as well as another saying we will be sending them out soon. Replied and sent my details to them and they emailed back 5 days later to say 'Thank you we have your booking info' I have heard nothing since and haven't received an email from the courier?? Has anyone else not had their wristbands, they are VIP tickets ?
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